Leslie Warshaw, a WGBH producer for over 30 years and now retired, noted that the station constantly spoke in her day of “mission.” Gradually it changed from “mission” to “service” and then, she noted wistfully, became “business.”

We are the dedicated listeners and supporters of “Folk on WGBH” and “Blues on WGBH,” deemed “non-news elements” that do not fit the new “single format” (news/talk). Both programs were canceled 12/1/09.

WGBH’s words from the past ring hollow today. “WGBH enriches people’s lives through programs and services that educate, inspire, and entertain, fostering citizenship and culture, the joy of learning, and the power of diverse perspectives.” —WGBH website

“We are proud of the folk and blues programs we have offered and of the many contributions that WGBH and our hosts have made to these genres, so it was a difficult decision to discontinue Blues on WGBH and Folk on WGBH…” —press release announcing program cancellation.

To read additional background information, the official WGBH statement and host/producer information, go here.

PLEASE NOTE: We are well-aware that there are internet and other alternatives to folk and blues programs. The purpose of this group is to SUPPORT Brendan Hogan, Brad Paul, and Naomi Arenberg, their former shows, and we the “public” listeners.

From Jeff Boudreau:

WGBH Boston just released monthly (February) Arbitron ratings, indicators that track radio listenership, show that since the November changes, listenership at the new all-talk WGBH has remained flat and at the new all-classical WCRB’s has declined. It seems timely therefore to revisit the issue of what is going on at these stations….

Read the original article here.

…and some interesting comments in Universal Hub.


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