NPR Plays Lapdog During Occupy Protests


The propagandists of NPR began their Morning Edition program this morning by describing yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street protesters as “mostly peaceful.” This is the way they discredit the movement, by insinuating that one should expect violence from those opposed to corporate greed at any cost. NPR did not notice anything amiss from the police, who they did not describe as “mostly peaceful.”

“Many protesters complained of police brutality,” pointed out al Jazeera, “pointing to one image of a man whose face was bloodied during his arrest and another of a woman who was dragged across the sidewalk by an officer, Reuters news agency reported.

“’They tried to use a lot different tactics against us. They kept putting blockades within the movement to stop people from moving freely. They are almost treating us like cattle instead of human beings,’ said Sergeant Shamar Thomas, a veteran of the Iraq war and a protester.

“Somebody was hit in the head with a baton. It is not that police doesn’t have the right to arrest. It is the excessive force that they use — if you have a man on the ground, why are you hitting him in the head with a baton.”

Police also attacked journalists without NPR noticing, journalists who were trying to report what is really happening around the corporate media propagandists who see the world through the eyes of the ruling Forces of Greed and National Security State.

“Lucy Kafanov, a reporter for the RT television network, said she was hit with a police baton while trying to film the protests. She told another reporter for her network that she had her press credentials clearly visible, but was still struck. She also said that she witnessed another reporter from the IndyMedia network being “slammed against the wall” and arrested.

“It does not seem police are making a distinction between press and protesters,” she said. Other journalists reported similar incidents.

“Saw NYPD hitting a man with a nightstick. Tried to take a picture but police grabbed me and shoved me across the street,” DNAInfo editor Julie Shapiro tweeted. “The NYPD just slammed a barricade into a photographer,” another report read.

“The Daily Caller also said that two of its reporters were ‘assaulted’ with batons.”


2 Responses

  1. The threat of defunding also helps to control the message while still claiming NPR is a “liberal mouthpiece.” Games within games…..

  2. One of the main reasons the right wants to defund NPR is to make it yet another tame news source. There can’t be any dissent.

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