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Chris Carroll, Please Go Away.

As noted earlier, Carroll and the Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC) — wholly deprived of representatives of WRVU —continues to have an overbearing role over what is now, in name only, a student run organization.  Carroll has made it a career at Vanderbilt to wrest control of basic responsibilities out of student hands and, now, continues unabated, with a new string shameful deeds as the neutered new Vanderbilt student-run radio station starts its ‘reboot’ semester.  The latest Carroll dictate is making sure that DJs, who rightly aired grievances with the recent deplorable actions of the VSC, and its dishonest handling of the proposed sale of WRVU over the past year,  be subjected to an unprecedented VSC ‘screening’ process.  Troll in chief, Chris Carroll, unsurprisingly is rejecting applications of djs who have not proved sufficiently submissive through the recent Carroll-led attempts at poaching WRVU away from the students to largely pay Carroll and VSC ‘adult’ salary bloat.

A letter the editor from one such victim, a 10+ year WRVU DJ and current Vanderbilt Staff Member as well as the host of a long-running highly popular show wrote the following:



[…] my application to do a show this fall was rejected by Student Media Adviser Chris Carroll (acting alone). When I discussed this with him, I was told he thought I’d be ‘toxic’ at WRVU because I had often stated publicly that an online-only WRVU would be a poor substitute for an FM station and thus the sale was a bad idea. He claimed I would badmouth the station and poison student morale. (I’m an alumnus and a VU staff member. Before turning in show applications, we’d been told that VU-affiliated non-students’ applications would merely be ‘reviewed’ by VSC and did not need ‘approval.’)

I said that when I decided to do a show again, I determined to do what I could to improve WRVU in its new form. Why would I sign up if I wanted to sabotage WRVU? I promised not to ‘editorialize’ while working, and suggested that at the first questionable syllable they could can me. I pointed out that no WRVU staffer had expressed resentment of my comments — we’d been on the same side. None of this made a difference. I think Carroll just doesn’t want me to have any chance to state my opinions publicly. This seems a clear example of censorship by prior restraint.

It was also clear that Carroll was retaliating against me for opposing VSC.  He claimed that giving me a show would be like
inviting someone to your house for dinner after he had insulted you.


Carroll said that he would rather run automation, which currently fills much of the schedule, than give a show to someone whom he sees as a potential troublemaker. This was not the will of the station staff. General Manager Robert Ackley enthusiastically invited my continued participation and that of the two other rejectees (for whom I do not speak here, by the way). […]

I believe Student Media Adviser Carroll is imposing his will on the station for reasons of censorship and retaliation (against me in this case). I feel I’ve been wronged, but I write also because I think Carroll is behaving unethically to disempower opposition to the license sale — which by the way is not yet complete — and establish greater control over WRVU. Once again VSC makes clear that the interests of WRVU and its student staff are not a priority.

Does this mean students shouldn’t support WRVU? Of course not. It’s more important now than ever. WRVU is still a golden opportunity for students and a part of Nashville culture, whether on the airwaves or not. Keep your eye out for ways to show your support, and become a DJ yourself — it’s your right as a student, and fun as hell.  This is a crucial moment and you can be a part of it.

Read full letter HERE.

Note that this letter to the editor is posted on InsideVandy also under Carroll’s purview and unsurprisingly, readers have found it difficult to get their responses to show in the comments section. Hmmmmmmmm.

The real shocker is that this Troll overlord is operating unfettered, at the obvious expense of the students, with full complicity with the Vanderbilt administration, who ostensibly should be functioning on behalf of the students and keeping a check on these ‘adult’ trolls gone wild.


A great in-depth report on the PRC, strip-miner of college radio, can be found HERE in the invaluable blog Keeping the Public in Public Radio. In the article, WRVU’s case is highlighted as being the latest in a string of ‘serial killings’.

A must read: Public Radio Capital: Money From the Sky.


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