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Greetings Friends…

If it seems like we’ve been quiet lately, it is because someone doesn’t want us heard.   Besides the obvious, though temporary, loss of the FM frequency, WRVU DJs who have been openly opposed to the license sale have now been dismissed from their positions with the online station.   In addition, our side of the story –i.e. “this isn’t over yet”– has been excluded from campus coverage of the frequency sale.   Vanderbilt publications are either ignoring the subject altogether or they are incorrectly representing the sale as complete.

WRVU Friends & Family representatives have recently written InsideVandy, Vanderbilt Magazine, Dot Commodore, and Vanderbilt Hustler asking them to hold up the tenants of good journalism which they purport to adhere.  At best, these letters have received a cursory response.  At worst, they have been outright rejected.

Since we can’t seem to get any print on campus, we figured we would send this letter directly to the supporters of WRVU.  Additionally you will find the response we received from the InsideVandy Opinion Editor after the letter was submitted a second time.

Loyal Fans & Listeners of WRVU, the battle for 91.1 FM continues . . .



To the Editor,

Many students were upset after the public announcement in September of
2010 that VSC was considering selling the WRVU 91.1 FM frequency. Your
article of 8/24/2011 summarizes some of their frustration and the
efforts that these students undertook to try to save the frequency.
However, your article overlooks the substantial and ongoing efforts of
alumni and community members to preserve the station. In fact, Save
WRVU’s Facebook page has over 6,500 Friends and a non-profit
organization called WRVU Friends and Family (www.vivawrvu.org) was
formed to halt the sale.

What is most unfortunate in your article is the presentation that the
transfer of the license and Vanderbilt’s possession of an FM frequency
license is complete. While there may be some who have given up the
fight, actual facts indicate otherwise. Chiefly, Nashville Public Radio
has not yet met the obligations agreed to under the sale (namely, paying
for it) and the Federal Communication Commission has not announced a
public comment period nor have they approved the sale.

While InsideVandy may wish to frame this story as coming to a close,
putting the controversy safely into the past, the simple truth is there
is much more of this story to tell. There are indeed students, alumni,
and members of the Vanderbilt Community who refuse to accept the patent
falsehood that the frequency is gone. We hope InsideVandy will recognize
this and follow-up accordingly.

Myka Carroll, Communications Director
WRVU Friends & Family



I did receive the letter (both times), but regret to inform you that we elected not to publish it. As the automated response explains, we receive a high volume of email and generally only respond to inform individuals that we will be printing their submissions. I apologize for the confusion and thank you for your time.




While it is difficult to explain the lack of print that letters concerning WRVU have received in campus since the beginning of this academic year, we urge you to keep them coming.  Also, letters to the Nashville Scene, the Tennessean, the NY Times, whathave you.

This battle for the frequency is NOT OVER & everyone deserves the truth.

The VSC Administration is heavy-handed & everyone knows.  It is absurd, perhaps, to think they would let any information concerning the fragile state of their proposed frequency sale leak into their publications.

While there are times we may disagree with the choices made by the InsideVandy / Hustler editors, there are other times we commend them for the willingness to take a stand on important issues.

This, for instance, was a fantastic article…

WRVU Opinion: Searching for Dialogue
By Matt Scarano



Learn more about our battle to regain the 91.1 FM frequency this Saturday @ SOUNDLAND.
WRVU Friends & Family reps will be @ the Neuhoff Factory Party Stage from 1 – 9 PM.

We will have FREE STICKERS & plenty of information!  Hope to see you there!!!



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