LUV Newsletter on NPR

Listening to Diane Rehm on NPR yesterday, we noticed she had on a guest from one of the corporate-funded think tanks, as she usually does, telling us Social Security is going broke. He didn’t mention that the government has actually borrowed from Social Security for decades in order to finance corporate welfare, and nobody on the program pointed out that he was lying through his teeth. That is what the “senior fellows,” from the major think tanks are expected to say in return for the corporate funding.  Corporations don’t throw money away — these contributions are considered to be investments.

All of the NPR/PBS programs that deal in “news” analysis can be expected to invite these guests, and you will hear them announced daily, “X,” a senior fellow from the American Enterprise Institute, Hoover Institution, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, etc., appearing on Morning Edition, The PBS NewsHour, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, etc. Their goal is always to sell out the public interest. Their tentacles are deep into the so-called “news media,” all of the major TV and radio networks, newspapers, news magazines — the entire mass media spectrum.

Often their views are said to be on the programs for “balance,” as though any truth that gets out must be balanced by lies. They constantly scheme to privatize more of the government, to rid the public of Social Security, Medicare and other social programs, and introduce lies with which to combat science, including “we must burn oil and coal, there is no such thing as global warming,” combined with “we must spend more on weapons for the military,” and “we must cut corporate taxes to spur the economy.” There is no hole in the mass media, these lies are scattered over the entire electronic and print corporate-viewpoint media empire.

Pam Martens, in this piece, goes deeper into it, following the tentacles of the Koch brothers who’ve devoted their lives to destroying any semblance of democracy in the land and extending the plutocratic oligarchy.  Until citizens understand they are controlled by their mass media, nothing will change, which is why we do LUV News  —Jack


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