WRVU “Dissidents” Under Fire

This from the troops at WRVU:

Despite their displeasure about returning to  a station without a frequency, a number of key WRVU personalities have reapplied for shows and had their DJ applications rejected by the VSC. All of these individuals were talented and dedicate members of the WRVU crew. All of these individuals were vocally opposed to the 91.1 FM frequency sale. While most of these banished DJs are “non-affiliates,” Pete Wilson, host of Nashville Jumps, has also lost his show. Pete is Vanderbilt alumni and staff, which double-qualifies him as a DJ. He is former Versus editor and has been in and out of WRVU since the late 1980s and last year, his show was chosen by the Nashville Scene as the “Best Radio Show in Nashville.” Pete feels confident that he lost his position with WRVU due to his activism against the license sale. In all of his work to preserve the FM broadcast for the students of Vanderbilt University, Pete has always been polite and respectful — even when the VSC was not.

As one may suspect, the new WRVU online schedule is riddled with holes. While some DJs have returned to the online only format, many have not. The fact that the VSC has banished community DJs who have been with the station for years is further evidence of the VSC exerting their muscle as a means of silencing DJs who openly disapproved of the frequency sale.

At the moment, the DJs who lost their shows are being told not to speak out in hopes that General Manager Robert Ackley can convince the VSC Board to change their mind. Of course, all you have to do is tune in to 91.1 FM in Nashville to see how receptive the VSC Board is to the staff of WRVU. Meanwhile, this is also the same “keep quiet and don’t upset the VSC” mentality that has been thrust upon the students of WRVU since the beginning of all this mess. Over and again they have been told, don’t upset the VSC, or they might…. might what? Sell the frequency?

The  DJs of WRVU have very little left to lose. Which is why, quite frankly, many of them have threatened resigning. They are extremely angry about losing their hand-built frequency and they are insulted that the VSC is casting out some of their best DJs. It is not too extreme to believe the VSC is running the remains of this station in to the ground.  While the DJs are right to be upset, one thing is clear… they MUST NOT RESIGN. Do so would be to play right into the hands of the VSC. It is clear that they do not want anyone who cares about the FM frequency hanging around… Which is exactly, my friends, why you HAVE TO….

You HAVE TO FIGHT FOR THIS. If you WIN, you will WIN BIG. The VSC has played dirty and eventually they will face the consequences. Instead of resigning WRVU, let your voice be heard. Speak out about this nonsense to your friends, your professors, your family, YOUR administration, and your audience.

While I have heard some students fear speaking out because “attending a Private University is a privilege, not a right” I have to say — NO WAY — Vanderbilt is a company that makes A LOT of money off our your tuition, your textbooks, your room and board. On scholarship or not, Vanderbilt is there to serve you. To provide you with an education… & that education should encourage questions, discussions, and the fair exchange of ideas.. not intimidation, authoritarian control, and force-feed rules and regulations. DEMAND that Vanderbilt take responsibility for what is happening in the tunnels of Sarratt. The VSC is out of control & it is clearly effecting your education.

That said, I remind you not to give up the hope in terms of regaining your voice on 91.1 FM. The VSC still owns the license & it will take quite a bit of work on behalf of WPLN to change that situation. We intend to fight it every step of the way & will do everything in our power to get that frequency back for the students of Vanderbilt University.

Don’t give up the faith, it CAN happen.


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  1. Matt and others, please join us at nashvillerally.com or facebook.com/nashvillerally.

    Together we can accomplish!

  2. Well, I have to say this is the most compelling call to action that i’ve read in favor of saving WRVU. I’ve mentioned in conversations in the past with disenfranchised DJ’s that this VSC machine will roll over them if you play by the rules. This is a fascist take over of public air-space where submitting to this type of squelching of dissent has never been an option. It is now time to stop trying to work within the bureaucratic legalese maze and organize direct action in the form of mass-public descent and non-violent protest. Back away from facebook and stop thinking you can ‘like’ your way to a new radio station, rube.

    Time to sit down with either your parents or the Internet to find out what the civil rights movement in the 60’s was all about and why so many felt compelled to sit in, drop out and cause disruption to the corporate bottom line. Stop worrying about padding your resume and building networks so that you can hang your self from the top of the ladder. Your children are going to ask you what your did to keep the airwaves free during this time. Were you playing video games? Or did you and 4 dozen of your friends sit down at a WPLN board meeting and cause such disruption that they could not conduct business and plan total domination for the purpose of the all mighty dollar?

    This is a struggle that demands you hitch your wagon to. As of today, and for many years, we are living in a time of extremism, a time of revolution. A time when there has got to be a change. People in power are abusing it and they must be challenged. I’m willing to join in with anyone. I don’t care what color you are. As long as you want to change this miserable conditions that exist on this Earth.

    Thank you.

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