Turn Out the Lights

The wags over at Radio-info.com discussion boards are giving the post mortems on HD radio. The link there from radioskeptic leads to the following from a laid-off employee at iBiquity, huckster company extraordinaire, which has managed to float for nigh on ten years without a discernible ROI:

iBiquity = Titanic

That place had around 5 or 6 “Business Actions” in 2010. Every day you wondered if you were going to get a call from the dragon lady (AKA Cankles) in HR to tell you that your time is up and how much “they hate to do this.” Personally, I’m glad to have gotten laid-off from that sinking ship. I dreaded going in there on Monday, and it would only be Saturday morning! They have been wanting to get their IPO for the last 5 years and with the way things are going, it is never going to happen. Investors are no longer shelling out money to make HD Radio work. It has exsisted for over 10 years and 90% of the population STILL has no idea what it is, or the benefits of having an HD Radio. Another thing… I watched people who founded the company, and who were there from the start, get laid off, and basically had the rug pulled out from under them. If anyone was ever stabbed in the back, it was these guys. I am a guy, but guess I didn’t fit into their “Ole Boys Network.” Please save yourself and stay clear of this company. They will tell you how great you are, drop you when you’ve worked your rear end off for them and then send you home with what their definition of a severance package is. The severance was laughable, just like those jokers in “upper management.”

I must explain . . . a single “Business Action” would include 10+ people at a time, when they only have around 80 people still working there. They have a bare bones engineering department, and the way things are going, those are the last people that should be getting the axe.

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  1. “The severance was laughable, just like those jokers in upper management.”

    Well, those “jokers” have managed to dupe the FCC, broadcasters, and the automakers, or have promised pieces of iBiquity IPO. iBiquity may be getting loads of cash from the automakers in royalties, but outside of BMW and Volvo, HD Radio seems to just appear in expensive navigation systems. Of course, iBiquity is just waiting to implode under the weight of the HD Radio investigations, and surely more automaker TSBs to come.

  2. […] sister site, Keeping the Public in Public Radio, reports that it’s all over but the crying for iBiquity, the shyster company that has been trying to […]

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