LUV Newsletter on National Propaganda Radio

NPR’s Talk of the Nation yesterday had the Hoover Institution’s Russell Roberts on to tell us we have to cut Social Security and Medicare to balance the budget.

The Hoover institution, like the other corporate-funded think tanks appearing so often on NPR, the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, The American Enterprise Institute, etc., are funded to sell out the American  people by presenting plans that always go against the public interest in order to enrich wealthy transnational investors and corporations.  If you listen to NPR throughout the day, you will hear that the rich need more money, transnational corporations must get more tax breaks, and we’ve got to get rid of those nasty regulatory agencies in the government that watch over our banksters, food safety, and the environment.

This morning on NPR, Steve Inskeep railed against “entitlements,” then pushed Barney Frank, who was trying to say we can end the wars and get out of NATO, to agree, but when Frank replied “Wait a minute, you are demonizing entitlements” he was told by Inskeep, “Congressman, I really have to cut you off,” we’re out of time.

Later in another segment Inskeep went to Senator Simpson of the famous Cat Food Commission, who railed against “entitlements” and Inskeep had plenty of time for that.  Inskeep often identifies himself as a “journalist,” while kissing elite butt to hang onto his job.

Inskeep and the other NPR “hosts” will not allow guests to point out that Social Security pays for itself, as Barney Frank was trying to show, or that the real entitlements go to corporate welfare, bankster bailouts, the cheating nuclear mafia etc.— in defense of the American people, the only people living in a major industrialized nation left without a health care plan or a meaningful safety net.


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