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WRVU update~

Greetings All!

Despite the obvious, I do hope you are having a fantastic summer! Once again, it is passing too quickly! There are just a few short weeks left until the Vanderbilt students return to campus and discover first hand how eerily silent Nashville sounds without WRVU broadcasting on 91.1 FM.

The important thing for the students & everyone to remember is that despite the classical music you are hearing on 91 Rock, and despite the fact that the VSC has sacrificed the call letters WRVU “We aRe Vanderbilt University”, the frequency is still owned by Vanderbilt Student Communications.

A lease/purchase agreement has been signed with Nashville Public Radio (WPLN).  Over the next 18 months,  Nashville Public Radio must raise $3.35 million dollars from its members and investors.  The VSC, meanwhile, must get the approval of the Vanderbilt Administration, the Tennessee Attorney General, and the FCC to complete the sale.  If any one of these intense demands are not met, the sale of 91.1 FM will NOT go through.

Fortunately for us, selling an educational frequency is not like selling a corndog.  Running a nonprofit organization is not like running Toys R’ US.  Both the local and the federal government will have to weigh in on the value of this sale and wither or it will be beneficial to the community.

The VSC and WLPN will tell them “yes”.   Fans of WRVU must tell them “NO”.

While it is easy to blame the VSC and “station slayer” Chris Carroll, their decision has been made.  It is time to refocus our efforts.

Vanderbilt University and Nashville Public Radio now hold the cards.


If the $3.35 million dollar frequency is “substantially all” of the assets belonging to the VSC, then Vanderbilt University, specifically the Chancellor or the Board of Trust, must sign in approval of the sale. Vanderbilt University is, after all, the sole “member” of the VSC.

You can read more about it in this article by Steve Harush of the Nashville Scene: The WRVU sale could face a roadblock in Tennessee’s nonprofit law.

Therefore, despite claims that the University has no role in this debate, we clearly know that it does.

Please contact Vanderbilt University and urge them to stop the sale.

Office of the Board of Trust
Vanderbilt University
305 Kirkland Hall
Nashville, TN 37240

Chancellor Zeppos,

Until the sale is taken off of the table, please, PLEDGE NOTHING to VU .

But let them know if the University CAN become the hero!
If the Administration steps in to preserve the frequency, let Alumni Affairs know you will give generously again.

James Stofan
Associate Vice Chancellor
Alumni Affairs
PMB 407735
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37240



This decision will also be up to the supporters of WPLN.

According to their website, “Nashville Public Radio will conduct a community-wide capital fundraising campaign to raise the funds necessary to purchase WFCL 91.1 FM”

Because WPLN did not ask their members wither or not they were interested in purchasing WRVU and turning it into an all-classical station, many WLPN contributors are necessarily upset.  They realize that any money they donate to WPLN will, in fact, go to the purchase of the 91.1 FM frequency.

Anyone who contributes money to Nashville Public Radio will be complicit in the destruction of Vanderbilt Student Radio.

Nashville Public Radio has left us no choice but to boycott their operations.  Please contact WPLN and let them know why you are no longer contributing to their station.

Rob Gordon, President
Nashville Public Radio
630 Mainstream Drive
Nashville, TN 37228



In exchange for 10,000 watts of FM power that reaches all of Middle Tennessee, WPLN has offered Vanderbilt Student Communications use of their HD3 channel that reaches, effectively, no one.

Even VSC Chair Mark Wollaeger has commented on the flaccidity of HD radio.   We have been conducting our own survey among WRVU DJs and listeners and we are yet to find anyone who has ever listened to HD radio or who knows where to purchase a HD receiver in Nashville.  One DJ mentioned that he had won an HD receiver in a contest but had yet to take it out of the box.

Please take a few moments to complete a short HD RADIO SURVEY.


Nashville Public Radio has also agreed to provide internships for Vanderbilt students.    There has been no guarantee that these internships will go to former WRVU DJs nor has it been stated what sort of opportunities these internships will provide. It is not likely that they will give students much, if any, on-air time. They most certainly will not provide students with the opportunity to produce, promote, and develop, their own radio program.

For decades, WRVU students have received internships at WPLN.  Audrey Clark and David Nuss are just two that come to mind immediately.   They did not have to sacrifice the FM frequency to get these opportunities. They simply needed to apply.

As former DJ Ryan Barrak, esq. put it on the WRVU DJs facebook page,

“Generally folks are more than happy to let people work for free. When we are doing agreements we call things like this a throw in, it does not cost anything and you can pretend it has some value, even when it doesn’t.”

Anyone student who believes WRVU can find its way back on the air, should currently reject the WPLN internships.

The WRVU Friends & Family is aggressively seeking replacement opportunities in the entertainment industry.   If you have any connections that might help us with this quest, please let us know soon. It would be nice to have these in place by the beginning of the school year.



Speaking of the beginning of the school year, we are looking forward to the debut of our new ¡Viva WRVU! Campaign.  We plan to hit it hard with information & awareness rising when the students return to campus so please get ready!!!  Artmaking, letterwriting, fundraising, and community development will all be part of the plan. If we are going to succeed, everyone needs to step up to help.  After an entire academic year of warfare, our solders could use some relief.  Please consider donating at least one hour a month to the cause.

Look for new ¡VIVA WRVU! merchandise to be available soon. We need folks in Nashville to help get this stuff out there & the word on the street…. This is NOT OVER YET!!!!    ¡¡¡¡¡¡VIVA WRVU!!!!!!!!

There is a new facebook page dedicated to getting WRVU back on the air!!!
Please friend Viva Wrvu  and suggest that all of your friends do the same. This page will provide regular updates & easy ways to help SAVE WRVU!!!

VIVA WRVU!/profile.php?id=100002648066294


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  1. “Even VSC Chair Mark Wollaeger has commented on the flaccidity of HD radio. We have been conducting our own survey among WRVU DJs and listeners and we are yet to find anyone who has ever listened to HD radio or who knows where to purchase a HD receiver in Nashville.”

    Yes, people are waking up to Struble’s hype – how nice. As we have just learned, Radio Shack is clearing out their HD Radio ding-dong adaptors, now a steal for < $20. HD Radio will only exist as cheaply-whored STLs. LOL!

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