Don’t Give Up the Fight

“The problems today are not the the evil actions of the bad people, but the
appalling silence and inaction of the good people. ”
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Three Primary Decision Makers Most Responsible for the Fate of WRVU:

The Bad People:
Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC),

The Good People:
Vanderbilt University Chancellor and Board of Trust and,
WPLN – the agency that is in agreement to purchase WRVU.

Vanderbilt/WPLN: Void the Sale of WRVU

Despite the shameless public wide-eyed hand-wringing from, Mark Wollaeger and Chris Carroll – the primary people who pushed for the WRVU license sale on behalf of Vanderbilt Student Communications – we here suspected that these two ‘adults’, of what is supposed to be a student run organization, were advancing a sale deal behind closed doors. Recent revelations of the timing of events have confirmed this to indeed to be the case.

The recent hateful result – the pawning off of WRVU for cash – is simply one that we now have come to expect to come out of an organization lead by Mark Wollaeger and Chris Carroll. What remains the most galling, is the silence and inaction of the good – Vanderbilt University and its Board of Trust, for passively letting these two ‘adult’ fools unilaterally attempt to destroy a much revered and storied student-run organization despite the mountains of protestations from all corners.

As you are well aware, all reasonable appeals to The VSC ended up falling on deaf ears. Efforts are to be directed to the other two players: Vanderbilt University (via Chancellor and Board of Trust) and WPLN.

Even though the criminal poaching of WRVU by Wollaeger and Carroll of the VSC has been public for several months, there has been a conspicuous silence from The Chancellor and the Board of Trust of Vanderbilt University. Unless they are outrageously incompetent, they are fully aware of the shameful deeds exacted by recent actions of the VSC. In many ways, Vanderbilt’s cowardly non-stance is almost more disappointing as the appalling treatment of WRVU by the VSC. As such, pressure must be applied to Vanderbilt to step up, and do the right thing – get WRVU back to the students, where it belongs.


See an actual recent excellent example of a letter written to Chancellor Zeppos below.


I would like to officially state that based on how the university has
handled the closing of 91.1, I have NO intention of ever donating to
Vanderbilt again. I think the actions of the VSC were completely
counter to the educational mission of the institution and served to
disenfranchise students, who should be learning to develop an
autonomous voice. I also think that Chancellor Zeppos’ refusal to
admit that the actions of the VSC were a Vanderbilt issue was
completely disingenuous and again completely counter to setting an
example for how young adults should conduct themselves.


Click HERE to get started on where to direct your own letter/email.


Copy your letter to US News and World Report to show the College Ranking report that Vanderbilt is forfeiting a key student benefit that should be taken into consideration in its formulation of rankings. (Note: Most of the ranked peers of Vanderbilt have the sense to maintain their student-run radio stations.)


*Go to Pledge Nothing Web Site.

Are you looking for an excuse to not feel compelled to donate to Vanderbilt University or to WPLN? Here is your excuse. Both institutions, normally worthy of giving, are complicit in the current attempted destruction of WRVU

. Don’t give them money and tell them why you will continue not to give them money until they right this wrong – Pledge Nothing.


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