Alternating Currents

Do yourself a favor and listen to this
wonderful new podcast series, Alternating
, from Austin.  Plz send them some
encouragement, Friend them on Facebook.

Real good stuff.

“Alternating Currents is a podcast brainchild of
Sara Robberson and Christian Thompson.
[It] is about technology, science, imagination,
and culture. Inspired by public radio. [It] blends oral
history, philosophy, and sound art into addictive
nuggets of entertainment. Stay tuned for stories
about augmented reality, professional gaming,
and easter eggs!”

Austin Airwaves review:
“These two young Austin radio gonna-bes have
put together a wonderful, ear friendly podcast.
Their first effort, featuring a coupla’ my fav0rite
‘radio is still the most important medium’ stories,
is well-woven with ambient sound, solid segues,
and uses of the word ‘cockroach’ in the most flattering


One Response

  1. Great story about how radio, especially analogue radio, touches lives. It’s nice hearing some reflections from the younger generation on how our perceptions of radio differ. Hope to hear more from these folks in the future.

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