The LUV Newsletter carried this small piece today on the “fair and balanced” reporting of NPR:

Cuban news has a good piece this morning showing how censorship works in the USA, reminiscent of Michael Parenti’s invitation to appear on NPR.

Parenti was asked by a woman, impressed by him at a party, if he would appear on NPR, and he replied that they would not allow him on NPR, because he’s a leftist. The woman huffed that she is an NPR producer, and what she says goes, so if she invited him, he would be in. She later called and agreed on a date that he would appear, but as he agreed he told her he would not be allowed to appear. Sure enough, the day before he was scheduled, she called to apologize that his participation had been canceled by higher ups.

When such a person is in a corporate media discussion, several right wingers are stacked on the program for “balance,” people who support the ruling Forces of Greed and National Security State, and they drown out what few words he says with screaming insults and misinformation. Apparently NPR thought they would not be able to completely mute Parenti, who’s very quick on his feet.

The latest case involves Gerardo Hernandez of the Cuban Five, who’s celebrated internationally because of the cartoons he’s created since being in prison in the Land of the Free for opposing terrorism sponsored by the USA against Cuba, together with four others. CNN invited him to appear, then canceled. Americans are not supposed to know about the thousands of Cubans slaughtered in raids from the USA since the Cuban people overthrew their US-puppet dictator in 1959, or the massive destruction of Cuban infrastructure from bombings, or that five men are locked up in American prisons for opposing terrorism.

Also from LUV:


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