Talk Talk

San Diego radio station KPBS has dropped its classical music, joining the NPR borg with all talk all the time, according to this post on Those fans of the homogenized classical to be dumped will have to listen online ā€” or throw the dice and buy an HD radio if they want to follow it. Six of one, half-dozen of the other ā€” canned talk or canned music:

KPBS’s classical music service, which is essentially a feed of American Public Media’s Classical 24, has moved online and to an HD Radio channel. Programmers plan to feature local music performances on weekends.

This post on the Voice of San Diego site notes that it’s tough beans for classic-music buffs now:

Until now, KPBS has been trying to embrace two missions: fill the hole in local radio news programming left by cutbacks at commercial stations and offer nighttime classical music to listeners who don’t have many other options on the dial. The only full-time classical music station serving San Diego is based in Tijuana, and it doesn’t have regular on-air hosts.

KPBS will only offer classical music programming through a 24-hour website stream and two subchannels on HD Radio, which is just available to listeners with specially equipped radios. The station will offer local classical music programs on some weekend evenings.

John Decker, KPBS’s programming director, said the station doesn’t expect to lose the wealthy listeners who like the classical programming and contribute donations. “They have money, they’re older, they’re upscale, yeah, but they also listen to news programming,” he said, predicting that they’ll continue to do so.


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