Discretionary Reporting

The LUV Newsletter today, never a fan of the rightward shift of NPR, included the following:


Yesterday on NPR’s All Things Considered, Robert Siegel began the program with the shocking headline “The nation’s two-most important programs for seniors, Social Security and Medicare, will exhaust their trust funds earlier than projected.”

Always happy to report whatever official government sources and corporate interests give them, NPR works tirelessly to sell out the interests of average citizens, such as this frightening misinformation obtained from the right wing zanies on the government panel who’ve been appointed for the purpose of undermining Social Security and Medicare on behalf of the ruling Forces of Greed (FOG) who see a time coming when the T-bills owned by the Trust Fund (IOUs from financing corporate welfare for decades) will have to be cashed, meaning there will be less tax dollars available at that time for corporate welfare such as unnecessary weapons systems for the Nuclear Mafia, subsidies for the polluting Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Nuclear, and other largess going against the public interest [emphasis added].

If the ruling FOG can cut Social Security benefits, the T-bills will not be cashed in as quickly, allowing the FOG to keep the corporate welfare going to transnational corporations that don’t give a damn about this country or its people.

Earlier in the day we got an email from Max Richtman, Executive Vice President of the National Committee to Save Social Security, who gives a very different message, based on the same data:

“It’s important that Americans understand the [just-released] 2011 Trustees Report confirms that Social Security and Medicare continue to fulfill their mission, providing retirement and health security to millions still suffering during the worst economic crisis of a generation. Beyond the doom-and-gloom news headlines and calls to cut these programs in order to ‘save’ them, the fiscal facts in this annual report show that Social Security has a $2.6 trillion surplus which continues to grow. While healthcare reform has extended the solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund, the economic recession and high healthcare costs continue to take their toll. The bottom line is Social Security is not in crisis and further reforms to our healthcare system are necessary to bring down costs nationwide, not just in Medicare.”

There is little chance NPR will allow the facts to get to the masses, any more than other corporate media, because their corporate sponsors, including FOX, would cut off their funding for informing the masses.

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