Barnes Update!

This news from Barnes Newberry, who remains one of the most sought-after subjects on this site:

Thrilled to announce I will be on-air again very soon with my new show My Back Pages on mvyradio ( Great station, fine music choices and terrific staff! Show will be Saturdays, 8 am -12 noon, available online only. All shows will be archived. Start date to be announced shortly. Please spread the word. If you were a fan of my old Highway 61 Revisited program, this will be right down your alley!

From the continued interest in Barnes’ whereabouts herein, we’d say he has a ready-made audience already… Look here for a gander at some of the comments made while he’s been away.


4 Responses

  1. Had a chance to sit & listen to the show this morning, very nice ! I think one of the measures of true on air talent is the ability to play interesting cuts that the audience hasn’t heard before and there were several of those for me. It should be interesting to hear his show in the future when the format isn’t geared to one particular artist. Here in Austin Larry Monroe will be doing his Dylan’s birthday show on KDRP on Thursday at 7pm central time. I hope some of the people up in the Boston area will pick it up streaming and hear Larry’s take on the master.

  2. From Barnes Newberry

    “Okay folks, looks like it is ON tomorrow at 8 am for the debut of My Back Pages with Barnes Newberry. Please join us online at to pre-celebrate the 70th birthday of His Bobness! Thanks for all your early good wishes (to us both!) and of course, a big thanks to MVY.”

    More about WMVY, its broadcast frequency and internet stream at

  3. For anyone unfamiliar with the sad saga, read and upstream posts as well as

    It’s both poetic justice and plain good marketing for Barnes’ new show to be up against the shell of his former show on NPR affiliate WUMB.

  4. This is great news! I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to Mr Newberry, was educated about his shows thru this site. I’ll definitely be tuning in. Now with Larry Monroe back on the air and Barnes Newberry coming back, there are some bright lights shining thru the radio darkness of the past few years.

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