Powder Puffs in the Press

Sometimes the most fascinating information on the “liberal media” as represented by NPR can be found on its own website, under comments to the ombudsman. One Nate Bowman has several points to add to the argument that the “liberal” station is in the least lazy, in the extreme craven:

On the subject of experts, WE Sunday interviewed Dean D’Elia of LSU who told us “he has to be optimistic” about the future of the Gulf after the BP disaster.

Of course he has to be optimistic.

“LSU to get BP grant for oil spill research”

Examination of the contract with BP reveals that “This is not an agreement to do research for BP . . . This is an agreement to join BP’s legal team. You agree to communicate with BP through their attorneys and to take orders from their attorneys. The purpose is to maintain any information or data that goes back and forth as privileged.”

Of course, NPR won’t tell us this. At NPR, the unconscionable is routine. Just because they are not AS unconscionable as the rest of the MSM who are not AS unconscionable as conservative news, they imagine themselves as paragons of journalism and ethics.

Or this about the puff piece with Paul Ryan:

The piece I can’t find is one in which a caller said he would eat his hat and boots if Mr. Ryan’s claim was true. The NPR “journalist” snickeringly says “I don’t think the caller will have to eat his clothes” and proceeds to explain how untrue the claim is.

But it’s treated as just another day at the political office. In fact, he is attempting to gut the services for the elderly and the poor while cutting taxes for the privileged. And NPR joins in in the MSM parade to glorify his “courage” without actually looking at his number (including an assumed 2.8% unemployment rate which was disappeared from his worksheet as soon as someone noticed it) and anoint him the Republicans’ presidential future.

Kind of reminds me of how the press played into the hijacking of Ron Paul’s tea party to be the present day tea party, manufactured out of nothing.


Ed Kriner said:
“Nate: Oops, they did it again. Another right-wing Republican stated on Tuesday’s ATC that the changes in Medicaid/Medicare will give seniors the ‘same’ benefits as Federal employees including members of Congress.”

I know Ed. It was actually Paul Ryan, the media-lionize Republican congressman from Wisconsin, who has been dubbed “courageous” for taking on the “third rail” of Medicare.

Of course, this being an unimportant matter like the fate of health care for seniors and the poor, NPR treats it as a passing, snickering factoid.

It’s in the same vein as one of the hosts of ATC (I think; I have not found the story) INDIGNANTLY asking the person she is interviewing how he could realistically talk about reducing the deficit WITHOUT REDUCING MEDICARE BENEFITS. This, from the same anchor who has NEVER asked in the same tone:
1. How one could reduce the deficit without reducing the largest (by far) military budget on the planet
2. How the well-off get tax breaks (need I say more)
3. How the corporate contribution to the tax budget has waned from 30% 35 years ago to 7% [!] last year.

Oh yeah; NPR touts itself as Main Stream Media.

Some good reading there. The site does deserve credit for actually posting these. Maybe they’ll even read them.


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