The Same Old Song

The LUV newsletter, bastion of populist thought, ran this yesterday about the cratering of NPR to the forces of evil attacking Medicare:

Yesterday afternoon, on NPR’s Saturday All Things Considered, the ruling Forces of Greed scored a victory in attacking Medicare.

The program began with a commercial for Aetna, the health insurer who sponsored it (NPR often gives us the lie that it is “non-commercial programming,” even as it takes money from defense cheats, banksters, polluters and other big criminal elements who run the nation as though it were a private plantation).

The main thrust of the program was that Medicare has to be cut, because health costs are out of control, with big emphasis on its being an “entitlement program,” and that workers who paid into it all their lives haven’t paid enough for the benefits.

At one point, NPR host Joe Palca actually says “It sounds like a pyramid scheme,” in pushing a common right wing talking point with which to discredit Medicare. In fact, Medicare works very much like Social Security, in that children pay for their parent’s health care.

There was no attempt by NPR to show why health care costs are out of control. There was no mention of the multi-million dollar salaries of “health care” company executives (called “providers” in Medicare), who are paid to deny health care. There was no mention of the billions in profits which go to transnational investors who don’t give a damn about this country or its people, among them the descendants of robber barons, who are the most entitled people on the planet.

There was no mention of a single payer health care system that could take care of all these problems, by taking out the massive profit, the ridiculous CEO salaries, the massive bureaucracy and waste within for-profit medicine. NPR stuck to the right wing talking points it follows religiously in order to get its funding from Fox network and other anti-public interest corporations. They actually get our tax dollars as well, to do their sellout.

The only problem NPR found was that grandma now gets too much care, and we have to cut it. Listen to it here, but we warn that it may be bad for your health in making your blood pressure rise.


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  1. We’re doomed…….The billionaires of the world have figured out how to frighten the populace into turning on each other rather than blaming the ones who are actually in control. Thru manipulation of the 24-hour news cycle and of sufficiently cowed mouthpieces such as NPR, the Koch brothers and the Rupert Murdochs of the world continue to gain even more control while the rest of us squabble over the scraps that they throw us. And unless there is some huge eye opening moment for the country I really see no hope things will change.

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