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The proposed sale of Vanderbilt radio station WRVU by VSC has drawn some heavy hitters into the fray, most recently this letter from a vice president of Facebook itself:

I have been following the discussions concerning the proposed sale of the WRVU station license and would like to weigh in strongly against this sale.

I believe that WRVU provides a great asset to Vanderbilt, both as a connection to the community in Nashville, but also as a valuable part of the student experience. I have sometimes heard WRVU
referred to as Vanderbilt’s “communications major” and I have to agree, with many alumni pursuing successful careers in media and broadcasting. I believe that the management experience and self confidence that I gained working at WRVU has played an important role in my success
after Vanderbilt. I left Vanderbilt with confidence lead and it felt entirely natural starting my first company shortly after leaving school.

The existence of a college radio station actually factored into my decision to attend Vanderbilt and I would not discount the value that having an on-the-air station has to prospective students today. An internet-only station would not provide the focus and significance of an actual broadcast station and would be an irrelevant substitute

Jeff Rothschild
Vice President Technology

Response from the VSC board that will determine the fate of the station has been minimalist in the extreme. But this item was posted by Roger Blanton to the Save WRVU Facebook page:

While handing out Save WRVU flyers at Rites to Spring a drunk girl said “I work for VSC!” me: “then help us save WRVU!” drunk girl:”no, we are going to sell it for four million dollars!” me: “No, you won’t.” drunk girl stumbles through the line. Stay classy, VSC.


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