DJs of the World Unite

An exchange of comments on the Support Larry Monroe and Paul Ray at KUT Facebook site is worth a read for those not following it. It was in regards to piece posted here by the Reverend Jim on LPFM and Larry Monroe’s new digs on KDRP in Dripping Springs, TX:

Jennifer Catherine: Article posted below is beautifully articulate. Thank you. Live in Blanco County, TX, pay attention, NPR junkie (KUT as a freebie; will never be philanthropic with them again unless/until they change evil ways). Am veteran DJ from KNON/Dallas; had 3 zany/wonderful shows in late ’80’s/early ’90’s; like to think . . . I know what it takes to make good radio show. Beloved brother-in-arms LM has got MORE than what it takes to do that . . . so grateful he’s returned to airwaves with his big heart & soul & kindness & sensitivity to what is happening at the moment, & his massive talent, it brings tears to my eyes. Have been sitting on a perch for long time, observing what’s happening with radio, desperate to dial in something good. Sign up for satellite thing? Keep twisting dial, hoping for something good? F that. Anything valuable that is pleasing my ears right now I’ve found, I have to dial in online, and I keep digging for more.

Larry Monroe: Thank you, Hacienda Sister. See you at the Stone River Boys show at the Continental Club tonight.

Jim Vest: Thank you Jennifer! As the author of the article below I really appreciate your comment. Over the air radio is the real deal tho I have to listen to Larry on my PC now. While I don’t remember KNON precisely I do have fond memories of Dallas stations. When I was a kid in Odessa I can remember tuning in a Dallas AM talk DJ named Rod Roddy. My memories of him are as an unholy cross between Larry King, Howard Stern & Rush Limbaugh. But I was a pretty imaginative kid. . . .

Jennifer Catherine: Damnit, I do not know how to work Facebook! Just took another peek at Jim’s article and wanted to comment on a few things. LM, correct me if I am wrong, but I think you hung in there at KUT for about another year after KGSR and the Californians took over, standing down from Blue Monday only (all that was left) sometime in August of 2010 (I think Blue Monday was not axed when Phil Music and all of Larry’s other late-night shows were). KUT STILL sends me pleading letters about how long it’s been since I donated. I have never bothered to respond, since I used to be SO generous whenever they would ask, and I figured, like Jim said in his article, their new breed slammed the door in my face and doesn’t care what I think. (My latest idea is to copy all the Statesman and AusChron articles I saved about Larry and Paul over the years, stuff their postage-paid envelope with them, and write something in magic marker on it like “you are no longer relevant to me.”) Anyway, count on the U of T to make the worst possible decisions when it comes to music.

Next topic: I was born in 1960 and my grandma gave me my 1st transistor radio, 1st short-wave radio, 1st cassette recorder, 1st walkman, and if she were still alive, woulda given me my 1st ipod. For a salt-of-the-Earth rural Okie, she was remarkably hip to technology. (According to my mom they had the 1st TV in Seminole, OK). So Jim, I agree with you about the purity of discovery when twisting the dial late at night, on a road trip, whenever and wherever. I grew up doing that, and it broadened my horizons considerably. BUT. The game is changing so much that I think the Davids are going to come out on top of the Goliaths in this economic climate. With all the state-wide and nation-wide budgetary saber-rattling, I am most concerned that NEWS will become corporate-speak if NPR goes to hell in a tote bag. And yet . . . I am confident that the clever among us will come up with an accessible wrap-around! With Love & Respect — Jennifer Catherine Oines

Jim Vest: Hi Jennifer! You are right on all points, including unfortunately my slip saying that Blue Monday was axed the same time as Phil Music. It was last year when you say; I even went to the listening party at Evangeline Cafe that nite. Larry has already sent me a gentle reminder of that. My senior moments seem to come more often now. . . . KUT finally quit sending me notices after I got publicly vocal about their practices, think I am on an entirely different list with them now. And yes, over the air radio is not what it was and it may never be again. I imagine if I was out in Odessa twisting the knob now I would just pick up one Clear Channel affiliate after another, each playing the same tired crap. But the LPFM stations do bring a bit of light to the picture so maybe there is some hope. I really appreciate your comments on this, hope you visit us over on the blog more often!


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