Valiant Vandy

This post came from the folks at Vanderbilt, who are still battling to hang onto their radio station. To date, they have been most successful at publicizing their plight, rallying the troops, and holding off, so far, the dark forces seeking to cash in on college radio.


The WRVU article in the recent issue of The Rambler seems to shed some additional light on some motivations for the VSC proposed on-air license sale of WRVU. Based on Media Advisor, Chris Carroll’s comments in the article he sees the future of all media groups being folded into an online umbrella outlet that is InsideVandy.

The self-styled media mavens that are the VSC (they have to justify eating up the VSC budget somehow) seem intent to shoe-horn a newly online-only (i.e. moribund) WRVU along with VTV and the print-based media into a generic centralized InsideVandy box.

Of course, WRVU is far too big and dynamic of an enterprise to fit into a snooze-fest online content aggregator. In order for WRVU to fit into the future consolidated sausage maker, WRVU has to be gutted so its lifeless body will slot in nicely.

This consolidation will certainly further remove Vanderbilt student involvement from the individual media enterprises and downgrade student roles to ‘content providers’ to the InsideVandy VSC central portal. The first victims will be the individual spirit, history, associated responsibilities/experiences, and personality of each student media group. Now, don’t get us wrong, if some of the member groups find it worthwhile to have joint resources or outlets, so be it, but let it be a student decision and not a VSC Board ‘adult’ staff mandate.

What is important here is that all media members need to consider whether it is worth being a part of the VSC and a part of this apparent consolidation. There are quite a few indicators that the VSC is actively embedding its tentacles into the media groups: 1) Chris Carroll’s comments, 2) The recent build-up of paid professional ‘adult’ staff, 3) Recent unnecessary VSC meddling in student media affairs, 4) VSC removing budgeting away from students into a consolidated VSC managed budget 5) removing administrative duties away from students organizations 6) the relentless double-speak, stone-walling, and question evasion in regard to the WRVU license sale, etc.

Each VSC media member needs to consider its own future, because VSC intends to make it for them. Based on what is going on currently with WRVU, there are few lengths the VSC won’t go for compliance. I suspect the VSC is in various stages of breaking the backs of each media group to make them compliant, with WRVU being their white whale.

We suspect, in the near future, each media group will need to insist to the University and to AcFee that the VSC is not serving their interests and to assert their own autonomy away from the VSC. That near future might be now.

…or put another way…
This cause that is SaveWRVU could very well be expanded to simply putting all student media back in the hands of the students and out of the crushing hands of ‘adult’ VSC staff.

Read The Rambler Tennessee to see what your take away is…


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