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A pause from the radio wars for some commentary on this site from Jack Balkwill, who puts out the LUV newsletter we are wont to quote in regards to the “liberal agenda” of public media. Jack has written in the past for a range of publications, including USA Today. This particular piece was picked up by the Intrepid Report website, and it carries some harsh words about the state of the nation and its “watchdog” press. He speaks of the need for a network devoted to the public interest:

American citizens walk around in a fog because of the pathetic news they get from the controlling Forces of Greed. Ignorant people are controlled people, which is why we never have a government which represents the public will.

Polling tells us the public want the wars ended, yet our government expands them. The public want government health care, yet our government comes up with plans to transfer more health dollars to the seven-figure salaries of corporate executives and billions in profit to descendants of robber barons for denying health care.

To address this problem, progressives must eventually put together an independent network, ideally a TV network, which would address the major problems of the people of the nation and planet, combined with public interest solutions.

Jack details a number of the areas where the mainstream media is more lapdog than watchdog:

Beyond War

Views of the peace community, which are as highly censored in the mass media as anything. In a leadup to war, such as the illegal invasion of Iraq, the world’s foremost experts on Iraqi weapons would have had a forum here, as they did in LUV News, where we featured the UN’s Iraq Weapons expert Hans Blix and the US Iraq weapons expert Scott Ritter saying there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Unlike the corporate media, where for weeks leading up to the war an invasion was called for by liberals Scott Simon of NPR, Tom Friedman of the NY Times, and Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, echoing their conservative columnist friends. Blix and Ritter were ridiculed in the corporate media, and the masses were mislead into war….

Social Justice Review

The status of poverty in America, which has more homeless and hungry people per capita than any other major industrialized nation. It would take viewers inside of Americas largest prison system in the world and show why our economy cannot function without millions in prison. It would give objective information about medical care, in a country with the most people per capita doing without among all industrialized nations….

Consumer Warning

Here I see someone like Ralph Nader doing a weekly program which tells the public what they desperately want to hear about the corporations that are cheating them, poisoning them, and controlling their government.

Your Health

Americans are very concerned with this issue, but corporate media will not allow citizens to hear about anything that doesn’t please their advertisers, board members and owners, who are heavily invested in a medical mafia made up of Big Pharma, private hospitals, and insurance companies.

Thousands of people die in this system annually, merely because they visit a hospital. Had they not done that, they would have lived, so dangerous are our hospitals. Thousands more die because they take dangerous pharmaceuticals which are unnecessary. Thousands more die simply from a lack of preventive care. Thousands more die because they have no health care program.

We have the lowest life expectancy and the highest infant mortality among major industrialized nations, while paying the highest cost for health care by far [emphasis added].

As the old saw goes, if you’re not mad then you’re not paying attention. But the events in the Middle East — and now on our own shores in Wisconsin and elsewhere — have demonstrated how powerful our new social media can be in spreading the word that’s muffled in a media constrained by propriety and pecuniary interest.


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  1. Exactly why we need public media and the large corporate interests hate it.

    They want that commercial underwriting so they can control the story.

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