Hats Off to Larry

The big news this week in Austin radio is the return to the airwaves of DJ Larry Monroe — “hell no” not on “public” radio station KUT, but on KDRP out of Dripping Springs, which is now virtually a suburb of the capital city. Larry will be reconstituting the shows he popularized before the station sought least-common-denominator status and eviscerated the shows of many of its longtime money-making DJs. “Phil Music” starts up March 3rd, from 7 – 10 PM, and “Blue Monday” signs on March 7th, from 7 – 10 PM.

KDRP is an LPFM (low-power FM) channel broadcasting in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin, as noted on the website, here:

Its official, Larry Monroe fills in for Phil Music beginning March 3 at 7pm on 103.1 in Dripping Springs and 100.1 for Johnson City and the Texas Hill Country. Blue Monday’s begin March 7 at 7pm.  For the many fans of Larry Monroe, welcome to KDRP. We might be a little smaller than you are accustomed to but we have grown our coverage area from 1200 to over 22,000 households in the Texas Hill Country in the last 18 months. We have plans to add a new FM signal covering at least the Western portion of Austin in the next few months. We’re a new home to many radio legends like Sammy Allred and others. Help us grow our grassroots radio station! We need more programming folks like Larry, individual members, and underwriters too. It just takes time and a little more money every month, but we are blessed to have good folks like Larry Monroe on KDRP Radio. It’s going to be a fun ride!!!

Note too that apps are available on the website for streaming to your PC, Mac, iPhone/Pad/Touch, or Blackberry, making it accessible area-wide.


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