Down the River

A day after posting on the fallacy of the “liberal media,” we find that the LUV newsletter comes through with a perfect example, in an inflammatory piece called “NPR and PBS Sell Out the American People Again.” Here it is in its entirety:

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich has a scathing attack on the Obama budget this morning, recommending in its place a progressive tax system with cuts to the programs the American people (polling tells us) want cut, such as to that euphemistically called “defense” spending by corporate media “journalists.”

The Obama budget cuts programs which help the poor, after extending tax cuts that mostly go to the wealthy and maintaining the thousand overseas military bases, the wars, the Wall Street bailouts (Glenn Greenwald has a great piece savaging the Washington Post about their coverage on this [“Standard Washington cowardice,” here]), and other wild spending against the public interest (again, polling supports that average Americans want defense spending cut, the wars ended, and the rich taxed more).

But PBS and NPR in their budget coverage don’t go to the public interest. Their “reporters” want Social Security cut, even though it is a self-supporting program that does not add to the deficit (don’t ever expect these spineless sycophants to say this).

Last night on the PBS NewsHour, Gwen Ifill interviewed Obama Budget Director Jack Lew, asking him what he was doing to cut the budget. After Lew replied, Ifill shot back, “Elephant in the room, Mr. Lew, entitlements, Social Security spending, Medicare, Medicaid, not — not — nowhere in this budget,” apparently not satisfied that programs for the poor and elderly were cut enough. Would a right wing commentator have done it any differently?

This morning Steve Inskeep did the same thing on NPR’s Morning Edition, after his guest, Lew again, told what he was cutting, Inskeep responded again and again that there was no reduction in benefits for current Social Security beneficiaries, nor cuts to future beneficiaries, and “what does that leave?” as though this is the program that must be cut, despite the fact that Lew told him Social Security does not add to the deficit.

NPR and PBS obviously don’t want cuts to the programs Americans want to cut — they want to cut the program the public supports, in pleasing their corporate sponsors, the ruling Forces of Greed.

This morning we got an email from Matt Lockshin of Credo Action asking that we oppose proposed federal cuts to NPR and PBS and we responded that we want them cut. We have never seen why we should support propaganda which goes against the public interest. To email them with your opinion go here [emphasis added throughout].

We’ve noted that NPR avoided talking about single-payer health care during the rancorous debate on the subject, despite its overwhelming support from the public. You would think keeping the U.S. as the only modern industrialized country that doesn’t provide all its citizens health care would be a newsworthy event — unless some other agenda was in play.

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  2. Thanks for the link to the LUV site, sounds like a good organization. And lord knows we can use all the help we can get these days.

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