Conned in Killeen

This post from the Killeen Daily Herald website would seem to indicate that the CPB is still involved in bankrolling the junk science of HD radio, despite that fact its website says the program has ended. Note the reference to the bogus “broadcasting in high-definition” and the “CD-like audio quality” purveyed by station bean counters, who’ve bought into the hype from upstream:

KNCT radio gets grant to convert to digital signal

KNCT-FM radio recently received a Digital Radio Conversion Fund Grant from the Corporation for Public Radio, which will enable the local public radio station to start broadcasting in high-definition by the end of the year.

KNCT, which operates on the campus of Central Texas College, will then be one of more than 550 public radio stations across the country already transmitting with digital signals. KNCT plans to complete the HD conversion in October.

Max Rudolph, KNCT general manager, noted the listener benefits of HD radio include a CD-like audio quality and the capability for the station to expand programming services.

“Once we are digital, we will be able to access more useful data services such as artist information and traffic” he said. “The technology will also provide us the opportunity to broadcast a second or third channel along with the main HD channel of programming.”…

The digital conversion grant provides a maximum of $85,000 per transmitter or 70 percent of the entire eligible digital conversion cost.

“We are very grateful for the HD grant but we must come up with the remaining 30 percent, or $40,000, to complete the project,” Rudolph said. “And with the proposed state funding cuts for community colleges, our budget will be greatly affected. Therefore we are going to rely heavily on listener support during our upcoming pledge drive.”

Not mentioned is that the 40k is just a down-payment on the real pricetag to the station of HD channels — the finicky equipment, the canned programs to fill the channels, the potential cost in lost jobs locally because of the outrageous ultimate outlay . . .  At least one better-informed commenter is not convinced:

Powell: First of all, HD radio is not high definition. It doesn’t stand for that, HD . . . stands for “HD.” Also the claim that HD radio has CD or near CD quality is in the nicest terms . . . A LIE. It’s digital and the only advantage is you can have 2 lesser quality signals also with the main signal, though that takes away from the main HD1 data rate. I’ve been in radio over 40 years and have my commercial FCC license.


2 Responses

  1. I wonder where the Daily Herald got the bit about “broadcasting in high definition.” They don’t attribute that bit directly back to station manager Rudolph, but since he is quoted as saying the signal will have “CD like quality” it makes you wonder. And I’m not sure which would be worse, him being totally clueless as to what he just signed onto or him intentionally conning his listeners/supporters.

  2. What Struble doesn’t want the general public to know is that analog FM RDS/SCA services have most of the functionality of FM-HD, such as Clear Channel’s traffic services.

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