WUFT Blues

They did not got gentle into that good night in Florida, witness this letter posted to the Gainesville Classical website:

Dear President Machen:

It makes me crazy to listen to WUFT 89.1.    My complaints are these:

Unprofessional air time management — frequent ‘stepping’ on the national NPR feeds. Turn the damn mike off, please. Know when to turn it on.

Novice reporters and announcers — especially the 5-6:00 p.m. ‘local news’ which is painfully amateurish in content and reporting. Why not open an off-air school for stutterers?

Commercialization of public radio — breathless station-break announcements, aping the style of the rock stations. ‘Teaser’ headlines that ask a question, rather than leading with a simple declarative statement.

Boring — how can anyone listen to talk radio 24/7?  There simply aren’t enough interesting programs produced to fill all that air time. We long-time classical music fans (donors) were simply abandoned.

Technical glitches continually unaddressed — listening to WUFT’s twin frequency 90.1 means long periods of static and/or sporadic dead air.

Frequency overlap — when Tampa’s WUSF completes its broadcast tower for its new all-classical music station . . . on the same 89.1?!!! Many listeners like us (think I-75 and the  Florida Turnpike) will literally be caught in the unhappy middle.

WUFT’s newly launched COUNTRY 103.7 — WHY IN HELL WOULD THIS SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA?  Will my donation support this? Phooey.

WUFT is strategically and technically mis-managed. I bought a wifi radio and leave WUFT until new folks are installed.



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