The War Drags On

More news of local stations absorbed into the borg. This post, entitled “WXEL’s soul at stake, opponents say, as state board considers sale of public radio station,” on the website for the Palm Beach Post News, details the impending sale of the local classical radio station from Barry University to Classical South Florida, owned by the Minnesota-based public radio conglomerate American Public Media. The opposition voices some oft-heard complaints:

Palm Beach County residents who oppose the sale fear that the new owner will strip Boynton Beach-based WXEL of its local character, turning it into a generic classical music station.

The dissenters, who consider Barry an outsider, also complain that the university has gone about the sale without consulting them.

And this from Baton Rouge, on the website 2thadvocate:

Beginning Jan 3, WRKF-FM (89.3), Baton Rouge’s National Public Radio affiliate, no longer will play classical music, switching to news and talk programs 24 hours a day.

The change represents the first time in the 30-year history of the station that classical music will not be played at any hour, Gordon said.

Surveys over recent years show that listeners tune in primarily for NPR news, he said.

And this about the current strategy of selling HD radio, which entails moving local music to IBOC (note the reference to “High Definition”):

Classical music will be played 24 hours a day at WRKF HD 2, the station’s HD or High Definition channel. Gordon said listeners will need HD radio receivers to tune in to the classical music programming….

According to the release, the station will add “The Diane Rehm Show” and the BBC World Service to the weekday schedule. They will fill the slots where classical music now is being played.

The article continues to list the additional canned news shows that will be added to the schedule of the analogue station.


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