Rice Update

Two attorneys reviewed the Texas AG’s decision and provided Austin Airwaves with this response. We thank them for their efforts on behalf the the greater SAVE KTRU Radio community.

AG only exempted from disclosure a limited set of documents, and that the rest should be released.

1)  Things that UH didn’t want to release b/c of a third party’s commercial interest (Public Radio Capital, the engineering company, the title company, etc.) can all be released.
2)  However, e-mails that contained “highly intimate or embarrassing” information that was not of legitimate concern to the public interest can be redacted.  And UH can redact a utility account number & the e-mail addresses of members of the pubic from the disclosure.

Make sense?

Also, UH Assistant General Counsel Ruth Shapiro sent Jim Radio an audio CD recording of the UH Finance & Administration meeting and Board of Regents meeting “at which the radio transaction was discussed.” Unfortunately, the CD arrived broken. The envelope was not padded or protected. She said she would send another right away, and expected to release the remaining documents, “before the holidays.”

Following a decision from the Texas Attorney General’s office regarding its request for documents from the University of Houston System, Austin Airwaves expects to post another large quantity of documents related to the secret sale of Rice Radio in the coming days. Please stand by . . .


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  1. Jim Radio, protector of the airwaves world-wide ! You go, Jim, shine the light, watch ’em scurry !

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