Fried Rice, WikiLeaks Version

Jim Radio of Austin Airwaves filed a request with the University of Houston under the Texas Open Records Act seeking information about the sale of the Rice University student radio station. The U of H responded by appealing to the attorney general’s office, crying foul.

The attorney general’s subsequent response is couched in lawyer jargon, but the gist seems to be stating in effect that the documents requested were “private” and “proprietary” — making reference to some documents as “highly intimate or embarrassing” (assuming it’s not “of legitimate concern to the public”). Hunh. Imagine that.

Here, for your reading enjoyment, are both the UH request to the AG’s office as well as the AG ruling, though, as Jim notes: “This late in the game, I’m not sure what good can come from this, other than to further embarrass Rice/UH officials with their recalcitrance and arrogance . . . However, they seem to be largely immune.” First UH’s reaction to the request (click to enlarge):

Then the AG’s response:

So there you have it. This may be, to paraphrase a comment from a political cartoonist, another case of too many skeletons and not enough closet space.


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