One-Man Vandy Band?

The discussion boards have had a few things to say about the situation at Vanderbilt’s student-run radio station, WRVU, and not all that favorable to the lead dog:

Tibbs2: The more I learn about the RUV situation, the more it appears as a one-man show in favor of selling the signal off. So far, there is virtually no support for this to happen and huge support against it. Not that school politics won’t prevail and it sells behind our backs, but I find it wildly amazing that one person has managed to create such a battle. BigA, “the faculty” isn’t coming from anywhere. It’s sadly one moron hellbent on hating college radio with an agenda.

Tibbs2: Yeah, this is really interesting. Obviously, there’s a strong movement from the community and all those great folks that had shifts over the decades at 91 Rock. So, it’s like nostalgia being taken away. I am not sure that the bone he has with non-students having shifts is a huge factor here, but you may be right. I also assume that he’s unable to change that since he can’t control the station directly, but it sounds like a small minded, pin-headed control freak trying to bully his way into his vision. Being totally removed from the situation, again, I could be wrong on that. But this guy has a track record of pulling this same attempt off at Tulane and elsewhere. He certainly isn’t silenced or afraid to get into the fray. I just hate the fact that basically, all of our local college radio stations (well, WFSK, WMOT, WNAZ and now WRVU) are all in some state of flux. Some of it is the economy and some of it is the future of radio.

Maybe they should just cease all media next. Then probably the football team. (Although they played a good game against Ole Miss last Sat.) Smiley

Nock: What is interesting is the station has never been big on campus. Even in its heyday, which Tibbs mentions “91 Rock,” it was a major influence on the music in this town breaking artists that may have never been broken. It was involved with the community and the community supported it. (Novel concept)

Unfortunately the folks responsible for the future of the station were either not living in this town or were not even born to know what the station has meant to Nashville. There is no representation of the station on the board, however the students that are on it have strong ties to The Hustler. I see newspaper racks stacked on campus with papers that go untouched. I guess as long as you print them, that is a number in the plus column showing readership?

TheBigA: That is a fundamental problem in the structure of the station. From what I’ve read, there is funding from the student activity fee, which is fine. But there needs to be student representation on the board. I’ve run several student run college stations, and we always had students on the board. Then again, I don’t know the management structure. I’ve always had students in management roles. One student station had a Radio Council, with students elected to positions on that council.


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