NPR on the Firing Line

As Tom Taylor’s newsletter reports, Republican attacks on NPR may be just beginning:

NPR under new scrutiny, with a Colorado House member asking for a GAO audit.
Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn also wants a close inspection of the financial records of CPB, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds public broadcasting stations. Lamborn’s office says NPR got $65 million in government money in 2010, and he says Uncle Sam doesn’t have “the luxury of funding non-essential services.” It’s going to be a long year for NPR. The Colorado Springs Gazette notes that Lamborn already introduced bills to wipe out all funding for the CPB and NPR, bills that were defeated in November. But he could well be back for another try when the GOP takes over the House in January. NPR President Vivian Schiller may be wishing she were back at the New York Times. She’s surely going to be going over her decisionmaking in the case of Juan Williams many times in the year to come, probably in front of a House committee.

The Colorado Spring blog reported in its post that “Rep. Doug Lamborn this week asked the Government Accountability Office to inspect the financial records of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio.” It quoted Lamborn’s office in saying that CPB requested $165 million in federal dollars for fiscal 2013, and NPR received $65 million in government grants in 2010 — and that it may introduce a bill in January after Republicans gain sway in the Congress.

Contrary to what some people claim, our beef is not with NPR per se, but rather with the complicity of NPR Labs and the CPB in foisting off HD radio on this country and its resultant effect on local budgets — to the detriment of content both produced locally and in keeping with its traditional mission.


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  1. Hear Hear ! NPR & CPB would be just fine if they went back to their original purpose and missions. But the effect of their current policies has been the reduction of local programming, resulting in the homogeneous sound coming from stations that once featured the local programming that public stations were created for. As a life-long liberal democrat I’m concerned about the increased power of conservative Republicans, but maybe there will be some kind of silver lining in the darkening clouds.

  2. You are very welcome. It amazes me that even Congress is in on this scam, or they were totally bamboozled. How did Struble, NPR, and Bg Group Radio ever pull this off?

  3. Thanks, Greg. This is an excellent link for understanding the role NPR and the NAB played in stonewalling low-power FM interests.

  4. Here’s testimony given by the Virginia Center for the Public Press to Congress about NPR and IBOC back in 2001:

    Streuble has the perfect scam, and my guess is that Congress won’t even question the ten-of-millions of taxpayers’ dollars given to NPR to “upgrade” to HD Radio.

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