Phasers on Stun

The latest bad joke out of the iBiquity “shock and guffaw” swag factory entails making HD radios into just one more Pandora, Jango, or you-name-it. And they’ve talked their buds at NAB into forking over more dough to make this turkey fly — a classic case of throwing good money after bad. That seems to be a trademark of industry bigwigs such as Clear Channel and CBS, two iBiquity investors.

Tagged “Persona,” as in  “customization at the personal level,” iBiquity’s latest scam is getting funding from the NAB FASTROAD technology initiative. It says “Persona would produce a listening experience that is customizable by ‘audio content, displays and advertisements.'” Engineers on the discussion board are definitely underwhelmed by the latest attempt to generate some buzz — other than over the airwaves, that is.

Play Freebird: Your assignment is to read this 40 page document, then summarize it in three words or less:

Scott Fybush: “Mediocre Pandora emulation”?

Local oscillator: “Titanic deck paint.”

Bill DeFelice: “Flip It OFF!”

KB10KL: Waste of Time.

mmnassour: It’s been done.

Savage: “Persona Non Grata”

And the response to a rosy Radio World article about the concept, here, was anything but gushing:

The whole idea is one more example of iBiquity in panic mode. How many things have they tried attempting to wake up a sleepy public overburdened by other distractions far more interesting than digital radio? I can count quite a few. This is just like the strange and manipulative “barter” system they are trying on broadcasters to convince them to sign-up — just another odd attempt that will have little momentum. You can call these things good ideas, smart marketing or anything else, but the bottom line is it’s just a frantic attempt to come up with something that will work. In the end, it’s very tiring and consumers just don’t care. FYI — Any comparison to the early days FM is just stupid — no offense. FM didn’t displace any existing system. That comparison is overused and just bad but once again shows how people today have a very difficult time thinking correctly.

And this comment from a follow-up article:

I say let the morons keep at it. Kind of like placing them in a round room and telling them to find the corners. It’ll keep them out of trouble. IBiquity’s failed so many times this will be one more failure to add to their large collection. Just in time for the holidays too.

Expect some time after today’s Black Friday an announcement that the new HD will soon feature phasers and transporter beams — something that would be indeed different, albeit physically impossible.


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  1. I read the White Paper on this and it appears to be very complicated, requiring listeners to register on stations’ websites to be targeted specific music and local ads. This is nothing but a poor attempt to compete with Pandora, Slacker, etc. Struble indicated it would add very little to the cost of HD radios. What good is all of this, when Struble’s system doesn’t work as claimed, and never will? This is just another coat of paint on Struble’s Titanic, as he attempts to turn radio into everything but radio. The bastard has also ruined AM DXing for many rural listeners, hobbyists, and truckers.

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