WUMB-Founded II

A Boston correspondent sent along news of a WUMB poll with not-so-surprising results, according to the Fans of Folk Radio WUMB Facebook page (link also on right):

“You voted — and we’ve tabulated the votes — all 3,741 of them from 42 states and 5 countries!” Now the WUMB home page announces the final results:

11.21.10 | WUMB TOP 100 COUNTDOWN — YES, HE DID IT AGAIN! Our Top 100 Countdown for 2010 is complete. Yes, Bob Dylan did it again, and topped the charts at #1. Thanks, so much to those of you from 42 states and 5 countries who voted this year . . .

The top 10:

10 –  Chris Smither
9 –  Neil Young
8 –  Ellis Paul
7 –  Emmylou Harris
6 –  Joan Baez
5 –  Nanci Griffith
4 –  Richard Thompson
3 –  Joni Mitchel
2 –  Cheryl Wheeler
1 –  Bob Dylan

There are no surprises, congratulations to the top 10.

In “Wumb Boston” — http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=814915243 — Richard Danca poses “My question: How does the the top 100 list compare to the playlist? The station’s format has changed a lot over the past few years.” Fans of Folk Radio WUMB can supply a partial answer, we’ll leave the complete answer to WUMB management. WUMB management would do well to take notice of the artists it heavily favors who did NOT make the top ten, or the top 100 or even the top 120, specifically those who are given heavy airplay weekdays 6am-10pm.

From our November 21 note “78-100.

Does anyone have predictions for the top 25? Mark these names: Dala, The Guggenheim Grotto, Back Yard Tire Fire, Birdsong At Morning, Golden Smog, Ingrid Michaelson, Anders Osborne, Feist, Good Old War, The Tallest Man On Earth, Tom Jones, Sass Jordan, Mark Olson & Gary Louris, Samantha Gibb & The Cartel, Greg Laswell, Vetiver . . . you know, the “artists” WUMB plays every day, over and over, like a top 40 pop station. Hey wait, “top 100” contests are a favorite marketing tool of top 40 pop stations. . . .

So how did these heavily played artists fare in the popular vote?

3741 people who took the time to cast votes for their favorite artists have FLAT OUT REJECTED WUMB-FM general manager Pat Monteith’s and her NPR consultants’ favorite pop flashes in the pan. NONE of the heavily played artists mentioned in the 11/21 note finished in the top 100. None finished even in the top 120.


The highest any clunker artist identified by the 500+ members of NEFolknRoots in its “WUMB’s Clunkers” database (read more about “clunkers” in “WUMB-FM’s “Clunkers” — http://www.facebook.com/notes/fans-of-folk-radio-wumb/clunkers-927-930/160762317283137) were Vienna Teng (117) and The Weepies (110).

“Fans of Folk Radio WUMB” strongly recommends that general manager Pat Monteith and her boss Kathleen Teehan take note of this fact and removes them all off the WUMB-FM playlist, as the WUMB-FM “programming committee” did with folk revival artists like Jack Hardy three years ago. The next logical step is to throw away the playlist, and allow program hosts to PRODUCE THEIR OWN SHOWS, to play the music they themselves select.

Ms. Monteith has a BA in math. Will she take the results as an opportunity crunch the numbers and to re-think the WUMB-FM pop AAA strategy, or tomorrow morning at 6am will she dictate Dave Palmater continue to play Dala, The Guggenheim Grotto, Back Yard Tire Fire, Birdsong At Morning, Golden Smog, Ingrid Michaelson, Anders Osborne, Feist, Good Old War, The Tallest Man On Earth, Tom Jones, Sass Jordan, Mark Olson & Gary Louris, Samantha Gibb & The Cartel, Greg Laswell, Vetiver and company?

. . . and we will be watching the “Wumb Boston” friend page to read WUMB management’s answer to Mr. Danca’s question.

Also, noted a correspondent, the station continues to spend money as if it were a big supporter of the folk and roots music it abandoned:

In the well-documented purge of the “f” word (folk, that is) from the WUMB-FM website and e-newsletter, there is one place it remains. Copy and paste http://www.allaboutfolk.com into your browser and see where it leads.


Next, do a “whois” domain search — http://www.networksolutions.com/whois-search/allaboutfolk.com

Current Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.
IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
Record Type: Domain Name
Server Type: Apache 2
Lock Status: clientTransferProhibited
WebSite Status: Active

Registrant: WUMB Radio
UMass Boston 100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125



Dig deeper, clicking on the domain registration page’s “AboutUs: ALLABOUTFOLK.COM” leads us to http://www.aboutus.org/AllAboutFolk.com, where we see more information about WUMB-FM.

Why does a “public” radio station licensed to a state university that has a a pop AAA format need such a domain supported with taxpayers dollars? Especially when it has gone out of its way to send the “f” word down the memory hole!

Oh, but there’s more. As another Boston correspondent asks, “When a public university has graphics arts and computer science departments, what justification is there for it to spend federal and state tax money on website and promotional material done by a private party?”:


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