Time to Ride

On the website for the movement to save the Rice student radio station, KTRU, there are a number of things you can do to help. The time for action is now. The struggle for free-form radio goes badly everywhere, but you might be able to make a difference here.

If you live outside of the station’s broadcast reach, you have until November 29th to act — by sending an email to Friends.of.KTRU@gmail.com, which will forward your letter to the FCC. If you’re within reach of the station, you have until December 2nd to send an email to “the FCC Chairman, each of the Commissioners, and all of their Media Advisors (and to Friends.of.KTRU@gmail.com).”

The folks working to help organize the effort have made this very easy for you. Links on the page yield a sample letter that you can customize to your own specifications, as we’ve done, and there’s a petition that you can lend your weight to as well. The future of Houston radio is being ripped from the hands of our friends at Rice. Act up!


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  1. […] records — well worth the read. The dénouement of this sordid affair awaits your input. As noted yesterday, the site savektru.org has a list of what you can do to help the stem the tide of hypocrisy and […]

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