Buzzards Circling at Rice

The following are from the 155 pages Jim Radio of Austin Airwaves copied from the U of H several weeks ago as part of an Open Records request — as he says, twenty of the best, funniest, pissiest, most paranoid, and money grubbing-est. Jim is off on his next radio venture, so we’ll annotate as we can and post over the next few days. We’ve opened a new category on the left to store these. This first shows the involvement of American Public Media with UH (mouse over the figure for Jim’s tag, click to enlarge):

This next shows the involvement of Public Radio Capital, a source of money for public stations with expansionist plans, as detailed in an earlier post, here.

Rice U. officials covering themselves in glory, hiring an agent to peddle the station behind students’ backs:

Another familiar name in the pantheon — Radio Research Consortium — on possible bargain rates on Arbitron ratings:

The last of today’s entries is an enigma — as it’s totally redacted. Makes you wonder…

More tomorrow, Owl fans. Stay tuned.


2 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by William Marsh Rice, William Marsh Rice, William Marsh Rice, William Marsh Rice, William Marsh Rice and others. William Marsh Rice said: Jim Ellinger got Rice University's KTRU 91.7 sale info by open record request. The last page looks like a Franz Klein. […]

  2. A completely redacted document? You’d think Al Qaeda involved here.

    Please keep publishing more docs! FYI for readers: You’ve got to hit the zoom button to read them (or at least on my machine).

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