National Public Radio?

Kathy Leonard-Bushman, via Jim Radio, sent along a disturbing post about the kind of misinformation that can be spread by an outlet such as NPR, this time regarding the outsourcing of jobs from the United States. It also bears directly on the influence of corporate support on a “public” news organization. Kathy said, “One of my favorite independent news sources today shed a bit of light on what NPR is up to today”:

Steve Inskeep had a Reagan Administration propagandist, Matthew Slaughter, on NPR’s Morning Edition this morning spewing the propaganda that free trade is good and brings us jobs, which is a despicable lie going entirely against the public interest. Inskeep began the piece by saying millions of Americans think outsourcing loses jobs, as though he thinks they are nuts.

“Is America benefiting from globalization?” Inskeep set up, and Slaughter replied “Definitely.”

Paul Craig Roberts has a wonderful piece this morning in which he blows Slaughter completely to bits with hard facts showing clearly that globalization has lost us jobs permanently, and we will probably not recover to anything approaching the average wages Americans have made in the past.

You can’t really expect NPR to correct the lies it spews — it would lose its corporate funding. Meanwhile, the taxpayers send NPR money so that they can spew more propaganda like this at us, throughout the day, with guests from the American Enterprise Institute, Hoover Institution, Cato Institute and other think tanks financed by transnational corporations to sell out the public interest.

The aforementioned Roberts is former associate editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal and President Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, and his article (link above) totally discredits the bogus claim that is being foisted off by industry and, now, “public” radio. Among the incredible points he makes:

To keep eyes off of the loss of jobs to offshoring, policymakers and their minions in the financial press blame US unemployment on alleged currency manipulation by China and on the financial crisis. The financial crisis itself is blamed by Republicans on low income Americans who took out mortgages that they could not afford.

In other words, the problem is China and the greedy American poor who tried to live above their means. With this being the American mindset, you can see why nothing can be done to save the economy.

No government will admit its mistakes, especially when it can blame foreigners. China is being made the scapegoat for American failure. An entire industry has grown up that points its finger at China and away from 20 years of corporate offshoring of US jobs and 9 years of expensive and pointless US wars….

The major cause of the US trade deficit with China is “globalism” or the practice, enforced by Wall Street and Wal-Mart, of US corporations offshoring their production for US markets to China in order to improve the bottom line by lowering labor costs. Most of the tariffs that the congressional idiots want to put on “Chinese” imports would, therefore, fall on the offshored production of US corporations. When these American brand goods, such as Apple computers, are brought to US markets, they enter the US as imports. Thus, the tariffs will be applied to US corporate offshored output as well as to the exports of Chinese companies to the US.

The correct conclusion is that the US trade deficit with China is the result of “globalism” or jobs offshoring, not Chinese currency manipulation.

An important point always overlooked is that the US is dependent on China for many manufactured products, including high technology products that are no longer produced in the US. Revaluation of the Chinese currency would raise the dollar price of these products in the US. The greater the revaluation, the greater the price rise. The impact on already declining US living standards would be dramatic.

When US policymakers argue that the solution to America’s problems is a stronger Chinese currency, they are yet again putting the burden of adjustment on the out-of-work, indebted, and foreclosed American population.

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