Kathy G.

Hello Membership Director.

I’m writing because as pledge time approaches, I’m feeling very conflicted. I really love public radio. I really love what KUT has done for me over the years. But I really don’t like the direction you’ve taken in the last year or so. And I don’t feel that I can contribute in good conscience to the station this year.

For years, I timed my contribution to fall during Phil Music. Then I timed it to fall during Blue Monday. I guess this year I’ll give a small protest amount during Twine Time. But you can see where I’m leading.

I’m sure Susan Castle and Mike Reilly mean well. But the station has thrown out some of the best in Austin. When management chose to severely cut back the hours for Larry Monroe, and Paul Ray last year, I was heartbroken. Really heartbroken. I think that is what helped Larry to retire this year, the cutting back of his hours. And the night of his last Phil Music, and last Blue Monday, the notes of thanks and love and encouragement on facebook brought me to tears. I hope you got to see them on Larry Monroe’s facebook page.

I don’t like the corporatization of the station. I don’t like hearing so many times a day how to donate my unwanted car or truck (have you ever tried cutting back on those ads to see if it makes a difference in the response rate?). I don’t like the fact that it seems that board members’ businesses and those with in-kind donations (Elizabeth Christian and Assoc.) seem to get lots of on air mentions. And basically, I don’t like that through the sound of the new DJs and the new playlists you sound like KGSR. If I want to listen to KGSR, I will. What I want is to listen to KUT. I want a public radio station that isn’t as polished as yours is becoming. I’m actually tuning over to KOOP more than I ever did before. And I think this time around, they’ll get the bulk of my pledge money. I hope Larry Monroe finds a place to continue making shows, because I’m there the moment he does — I’m just sorry you didn’t value his service more.

You’re changing and I guess I’ll have to as well. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be changing along WITH you. And that makes me sad.

Kathy Genet


2 Responses

  1. I’d like to think that the stations listen if enough people make comments such as this. I know that the public radio stations I’ve supported have made changes when there was enough listener demand for certain programming.

  2. Certainly agree with you. There are a lot of programs I miss on KUT and also don’t listen to the station as frequently as I used to. Blue Monday – I loved Blue Monday and there’s nowhere else you can listen to music like Larry played on Blue Monday.

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