Radio Engineer Love Letters

The radio engineers weren’t too happy with the pronouncement, shown here, by the FCC’s Media Bureau Audio Division Chief Peter Doyle, who said he was “disappointed” by the slow response to the Media Bureau’s okay to a power increase for HD channels. The comments had a few choice words for the news:

I think the only people disappointed besides Doyle are the ibiquity workforce and especially that snake oil salesman Struble. We the people who listen to radio can only give a hurrah! May iBlock die a quick death.

Who’s disappointed? Certainly not virtually all listeners and everyone else that actually make a living in radio. This also goes against the iBiquity PR machine constantly advising anyone that can stand their distortion and deceptive rants that listeners and stations are “clamoring” for more digital radio. We all know iBiquity press releases are designed to give the illusion of success. Thank God the lawyers are standing in the gap attempting to force a little honesty out of iBiquity for once.

The discussion board at wasn’t nearly as kind to Mr. Doyle:

Scanman1: I’m disappointed more stations haven’t ditched IBOC yet. Make ’em shut it all down so all my existing radios can sound great again!

TVradioguru: One of my consulting engineer friends tells me that many of the original HD radio stations will have to essentially completely replace or rebuild everything already installed in the first version, to increase the HD radio power. Okay one can argue whether the investment has or will pay out, but I know of not one of the original pioneering groups willing to spend all that money again.

Nick: HD has shown zero return on investment since it started except for the few stations who got lucky enough to land an analog FM translator to translate their HD, or the few stations who suckered ethnic broadcasters to lease their HD2 to broadcast to 2 people. There’s an HD2 station with a 60,000 monthly cume — on its web stream.

Savage: Doyle’s disappointed? I’m disappointed. Tom Ray is disappointed. A LOT of people are disappointed. Disappointment is a frequent side-effect of fraud, manipulation, dumb greed and deceit — the frequently-appearing hallmarks of HD Radio. It’s as true today as it was 2000 years ago: “As ye sow, so also shall ye reap.” Looks like the harvest is coming in for IBOC and all its furry friends.

TSL2: What do you expect? Stations are still cutting talent to save money! Budgets? what budgets! Advertising revenues are slow, and not even close to the glory days of ad sales. So Doyle is sad that stations aren’t chomping at the bit to spend more money on a project that loses money! Welcome to reality guys. Maybe if someone called when HD clicks off, management might be encouraged, but nobody calls and advertisers don’t care, they’ve got their own problems.

Play Freebird: Don’t know about Mr. Doyle’s commercial radio background, but according to this bio sketch (page 2), he was awarded a BA in Philosophy by the University of Rochester before earning his law degree at Georgetown.

TheBigA: Degrees in Philosophy and Law, and HE’S running the FCC’s Audio Division?  Need we say more?

Local oscillator: Those credentials go a long way in explaining why the Commission feels that it can successfully defy the Laws of Physics!


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  1. I saw a comment on another article that NPR had delayed so long that it missed the funding for the FM-HD power hike. The manipulative little SOBs like Mike Starling, the head of NPR Labs, who helped to fudge the figures for the FM-HD increase — the initial NPR study stated that few could raise power, then all of a sudden another study came out that all could go to -14db, and some to -10db.

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