WUMB Drive

Word on sister Facebook site Fans of Folk Radio WUMB is that the upcoming fund drive may suffer from the loss of Barnes Newberry on Saturdays:

Word on the street is WUMB management, their bean counters and UMass Boston administrators are very worried about the upcoming funding drive because Highway 61 Revisited had been such a major component of individual funding and that former fans of the program have been informing management they have turned their backs on the station due to Barnes’ departure and the show slipping into the same mediocracy as the weekday programming.

The post says of WUMB’s “lamenting” Barnes’ “resignation”:

If you believe the WUMB spin that Barnes “decided to leave” I have some prime swamp land in Florida you may be interested in buying.

Read the real time account of the day Highway 61 Revisited died at http://notlobmusic.blogspot.com/2010/04/end-of-highway.html


3 Responses

  1. Barnes Newberry’s Highway 61 Revisited was a rare gem in folk music. We can get plenty of oldies pop shows, and I have not renewed my subscription.

  2. “I’d laugh some more if the phones were ringing” —Pat Monteith, just now on “Highway 61 Revisited.”

  3. Screw the pledge drive! WUMB’s not getting any of my money, after what they did to the traditional/contemporary folk!

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