Eastern Shore

A reader sent along this interesting post from the dcrtv.com mailbag on Oct. 8th about the internecine squabbles on the eastern shore of Maryland. Three letter writers had this exchange:

If I remember it correctly, WSCL 89.5, Salisbury University’s classical music station, was started and largely funded by Frank Perdue, the late CEO of PERDUE Chicken, because before that, there was NO CLASSICAL MUSIC ON THE EASTERN SHORE AT ALL. They’ve since gotten a 2nd station in Ocean City, WSDL 90.7. But with the eastern shore being so conservative, I imagine there was little will or anybody offering money to build a full time liberal NPR affiliate. So now, we have Baltimore’s WYPR and DC’s WAMU BOTH competing in the Salisbury/OC market with NPR and nothing local. That is kind of sad and there should be FCC rules governing this but there really aren’t. Ideally, some organization local would have started an NPR station in Salisbury or OC, but hey, nobody on Delmarva stepped up to the plate so I don’t blame WYPR or WAMU for stepping in. Obviously, LOTS of DC people and Baltimoreans either vacation or have retired to Maryland’s eastern shore (including former Vice President Dick Cheney, that was his secure location, oops, I shouldn’t have said that, LOL). And to the person who criticized Dave Hughes for covering the Salisbury/OC market, well guess what? That’s the reason. The problem with transient DC’rs and the reason they don’t understand this is that they’re mostly from out of state, so they just don’t get that Marylanders tend to STAY in MARYLAND even if it’s western Maryland or southern Maryland or the eastern shore. Since my parents have retired to the eastern shore and I ski out in Garrett County, I like that Dave Hughes occasionally covers those markets, even if just slightly. KUDOS DAVE.

Re: Public Radio- At the very least, it seems to go against the “spirit” of the original public radio idea to have one station trying to take over another station’s market. Also, if an NPR station is getting funding from the government through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, how can they use that funding to go after another station also funded by the CPB?

NPR does not work like commercial radio, any non-commercial station that wants and can pay for it’s programming gets it. Personally, if I had my way here’s what would happen: 1) WSCL would move Classical to 90.7, and NPR news talk to 89.5. Add local talk at 9am-10am as well as 12noon-1pm. 2) WESM would move away from running the same shows (all things considered and morning edition) specialize it their unique Blues format. 3) WRAU would run their excellent Bluegrass channel, I listen to it from time to time on my Palm Pre Plus 4) WYPO- Give it up, the frequency has always had signal problems, and it is a waste of time. Maybe make a deal with WSCL to run Maryland Morning and Midday on their talk station, give up their own station. Well, there’s the wish list, but of course it’s never going to happen.


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