The Kill Cabal at KUT

On the Facebook for Larry Monroe and Paul Ray (link on right), Peggy Jennings had this to say: “I am really tired of Hawk’s news attacking No Kill Programs at TLAC [Town Lake Animal Center] without disclosing his conflict of interest,” sparking curiosity about what exactly Hawk Mendenhall was getting at. Jim Vest first added this:

Maybe Hawk’s a member of some super-secret “Kill-Em-All” cabal within the SPCA. . . . I’ve long suspected him of all kinds of nefarious stuff but animal extermination never really crossed my mind.

Then came the explanation from Sherri Croissant:

‎Hawk Mendenhall, the Director of Broadcast & Content and Associate General Manager of KUT, is married to Amber Rowland, the Program Development Manager of TLAC. Ms. Rowland may lose her job if the City of Austin contracts with Austin Pets Alive to run the City’s Adoptions Program. Mr. Mendenhall’s family therefore stands to lose more than $50,000 if the contract moves forward.

Then, after Steve Swinnea asked for more details:

KUT has done more than one story twisting the facts. In the first story they said that “some people in Austin have a problem with APA doing the adoptions.” Just who are these some people? the Austin Humane Society who saw dollar signs when it was first suggested adoptions be outsourced but who didn’t qualify to apply? employees of TLAC who may lose their jobs? in the more recent story they implied APA adopts out violent animals while saying nothing about the dogs with Parvo that TLAC has adopted out due to their non-existant medical protocols. They also said APA doesn’t do home visits without noting that neither does AHS or TLAC. There is an obvious conflict of interest and it either needs to be disclosed or they should stay away from the story. Maybe if Amber loses her job she can always replace Griff at the Cactus Cafe.


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  1. I guess that I should start off by apologizing to Ms Jennings and (once again) to the world for being such a smart-ass. But her comment was left hanging for days with no explanation and sometimes the imagination just runs wild. . . . But it makes sense that with Hawk Mendenhall involved that the true story would involve questionable ethics and the Almighty Dollar. His tenure at KUT has been most notable for his ability to suck both money and goodwill from what was once a much-loved station. The fact that he is now in a position of power deciding the fate of the Cactus Cafe has cast a dark cloud over UT Systems that I can see from my porch. And my porch faces the other way. . . .

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