Another One Bites the Dust

Tom Taylor’s newsletter on reports that another college radio station is in danger of being assimilated:

“God Save WNAZ” tee-shirts are selling on the campus of Nashville’s Trevecca Nazarene University, where the administration discloses it’s negotiating for the sale of the 43-year-old Class A facility at 89.1. The Tennessean says this isn’t the typical case of a struggling school that sees a windfall in its FCC license — “the school is operating in the black for its 19th consecutive year.” The problem is the estimated $1 million cost to upgrade its equipment. The administration says that for a small school like Trevecca, that would mean an extra $1,000 in tuition paid by each student over the next three years. The deal would presumably include three translators (93.9 in Gallatin, 99.5 in Clarksville and 101.9 in Lebanon). Plus the full-power WNRZ, Dickson at 91.5. They all simulcast the same “edgy” contemporary Christian fare, as one student put it.Presumably Trevecca would keep its AM station, Christian teaching WENO at 760. (It’s probably making money.) The Nashville Board of seems to think K-Love parent Educational Media Foundation is the lurker here, as the possible buyer. EMF is constantly busy, that’s for sure.

As is the norm nowadays, supporters have opened up a Facebook page, here.

The discussion boards report that another campus non-comm may also be on the block, Tennessee Temple University’s WDYN in Chattnooga.


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