The Monroe Doctrine

Renowned KUT deejay Larry Monroe, downsized in the carpetbagger kristallnacht in Austin last year and stripped of his benefits, has announced his retirement from the station. Larry will do one more Phil Music Show, an eclectic mix of music that originated following Austin City Council meetings when they ended early, and one more Blue Monday.

The move by management a year ago, also forcing fellow award-winning deejays Paul Ray and John Aielli into semi-retirement and disabusing them of their benefits as well, set off the movement in Austin (and a website and Facebook pages, links on right) that ultimately led to Austin and Boston joining forces with fellow radio refugees nationwide in the battle to keep the public in public radio.

Larry has a website that features his sets, here, as well as a Facebook page, here, with more than 3,000 friends. And he has no plans to go gently into that good night. Stay tuned for the next episode in the Larry Chronicles.


2 Responses

  1. What a loss for the history of Austin music and all that has and is evolving in Austin today. KUT is letting its best and most knowledgeable walk. . . . Thanks for your thousands of hours, history lessons and bringing us what we did not hear on the other radio stations. Sorry to see you sign off

  2. It’s damn hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t heard one of Larry’s broadcasts just how good he is. But in my book he is the best DJ ever. And,to paraphrase Steve Earle, I’d stand up on Wolfman Jack’s coffee table and tell him so. Listening to a Larry Monroe program is like having your coolest friend come into your living room and bring his record collection. Encyclopedic knowledge, never condescending, and a delivery smoother than God’s bourbon. I want to encourage all readers here to listen in Thursday @ 0800 Central (streaming @ and catch the swan song of a legend. And then send an email to station managers to let them know of the diamond they threw away for dirt.

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