The Spin Doctor Is in the House

The Struble Follies made a quick curtain call after the article in Radio World posted on here, repeating the same lines about how wonderful HD radio is and how it’s set to take over the airwaves. This brought on a chorus of guffaws amongst the radio engineers on the discussion board, here. Among the comments:

Carmine5: “We have an active, productive dialog with Tom on these matters.”  Does this involve water-boarding? Struble, while lamenting Tom Ray’s experience trying to get HD Radio in his new Ford, has the ability to say with a straight face: “We believe they reflect the growing pains which often occur when companies launch new technologies.” Grow pains? New technology? Give me a break here. In consumer electronics years, HD Radio should already be collecting Social Security and reading AARP Magazine. The way Struble has been spinning this whole embarrassment of Tom’s RW article (and the lead article at that) he should be throwing up from dizziness.

Tom Wells: All the posturing and hand-wringing in the world isn’t going to impress the laws of physics. Hard to believe Bob Struble still sounds so upbeat when it’s it’s becoming clear that AM iboc is all downside. When Tom Ray wishes he could lock out HD mode by choice, it’s over. Someone cue the Fat Lady.

BRNout: WOW!  Clearly, the truth hurts and it hurts a lot — which is why Struble hastily contacted RBR to file a response to Tom Ray’s article. In reading the response, all that Struble offered the reader was spin and the regurgitation of the same ol’ talking points. Basically, reading between the lines, it’s obvious that Struble knows that he’s selling us a lemon. However, in knowing this, he also knows that he needs to sell ice cubes to eskimos (or Inuit or whatever PC thing they’re called now). It’s all pure BS. But it’s also amusing to see how Ray clearly landed a body blow right to HDR’s solar plexus; perhaps unintentionally.

Savage: “Growing pains from new technology?” No doubt: much like the “growing pains” suffered by Elvis as they repeatedly applied the paddles to him at Baptist Hospital in August 1977. I fully expected iBiquity would be beating a path to RW with light-bars flashing and sirens screaming when the Tom Ray article hit. As I said, for AM-HD flogging Tom Ray to come out of the IBOC closet like that is a major embarrassment.  (Is that a hearse parked in front of iBiquity this morning?)   Wink


One Response

  1. As soon as there are major blows to HD Radio, as reported in the Press, Struble manages to spin yet another “positive” story:

    “Firm Predicts HD Radio Boom By 2015”

    It’a all about an iBiquity IPO.

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