Where’s the Money?

A recent post in Tom Taylor’s blog report had this to say about who is listening to radio:

“Older adults have eclipsed younger adults in the amount of time spent listening to radio,” says The Media Audit. Radio’s heaviest-listening demo is now 75+ — not 18-24. New research from The Media Audit finds those 75+ listening to their radios for an average of two hours and 40 minutes per day. Even so, there’s not exactly a precipitous falloff for 18-24s — they’re at two hours and 20 minutes. TMA says the average adult listening is now about two hours and 27 minutes, with the 18-24, 55-64 and 65-74 cells all below that, and 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and (by a large margin) 75+ above it. Marketers are beginning to re-think their assumptions about older Americans. Media Audit says “they’re not couch potatoes” but are leading active lives. TMA’s Phillip Beswick says “this is a great opportunity for radio”, with older adults “healthier than prior generations, and leading active lifestyles funded by substantial liquid assets.” Will programmers — and radio advertisers — finally begin paying more attention to them?

And that would include “underwriters” as well, on public radio. Are they so enamored of the Triple A tripe that bean counters have glommed onto? Is there a big new wave of young hipsters now footing the bill at our “public” radio stations? It makes you wonder who they’re going after — when you turn on the TV and all you see is ads for Boniva and Cialis, with its goofy twin bathtubs out in the wilds. Show me the money.


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