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In Nashville, which has gone through format change at its public radio station, there’s still plenty of heat about what’s heard on the radio. This post from the Tennessee Opinion site about classical music drew a weird mix of comments. First, from the complainant:

Yet, it is Nashville and not Sacra­mento that makes high claims for its musi­cal cul­ture: We adver­tise our­selves as the “Athens of the South”; we claim to be “Music City, USA”; we boast an up-and-coming sym­phony orches­tra with a grand new hall. How can we claim to be “Music City, USA” and not have a clas­si­cal music station?

And he received a measure of support:

Ten­nesseans need to be more cul­tured. I love all kinds of music and there are cer­tain genres I don’t care for. Doo­ley, you might be sur­prised that there are more Ten­nesseans who like clas­si­cal music than you might believe. A nice Clas­si­cal Music sta­tion or two would show that Ten­nessee has moved into the 21st Cen­tury and embraced musi­cal diversity.

The bubba faction seemed to predominate in the comments section, but classical fans had a few choice words as well:

Al Gore’s “cli­mate change” model will be taught in Tenn. schools before any clas­si­cal for­mat hap­pens. These peo­ple know noth­ing except, “my daddy done slapped my mommy,” “give her a good whack and leave,” “where’s my gun and ammo?” “more beer, please!” and “fire up the trac­tor, son.” Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi? All Nazis and Com­mu­nist sym­pa­thiz­ers. Prob­a­bly Democ­rats, too.

Or this:

I think PLN offers clas­si­cal on one of their HD stations . . . whatever that is.


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  1. All is not serene in the world of Nashville’s country music scene, either.

    “Kill Nashville Pop” defends “traditional” country music in the face of the current pablum cranked out to satisfy the big box retailers and their tone deaf customers.



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