Lies, Damn Lies, and IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE

Greg Smith’s latest posts on contain some interesting nuggets, among them about the tacit acceptance by the FCC that HD radio on the AM band could wipe out “skywave reception,” the long-distance pickup of signals from far away so often part of the heartland’s listening experience:

“AM-HD Undergoes Radical Redesign”

“It, in effect, signals iBiquity and its proponents’ firm intention to gradually phase out the notion of long-range listening on the AM band as we’ve known it, and localize the coverage area of all AM radio stations. Apologies to those of you who live in rural areas with no stations of your own, who rely on distant stations as a primary means of radio listenership: you’re out of luck. This is no conspiracy — you simply don’t exist anymore.”

Additionally, Greg traces the skullduggery that led to the adoption of IBOC as the standard, drawing from this post. Here and in attendant links, one can trace the movement by the conglomerates to squeeze out local and low-power stations:

“HD Radio: Doomed from the Start”

“HD Radio was not only doomed from the start, it was such a serious blunder that it may well lead to the death of thousands of radio stations and the permanent stunting of the industry itself . . . Why did this happen? … They didn’t want the 10-Watt student station to suddenly have an equal signal to theirs . . . And the money-men didn’t want dozens of new independent channels to be available to listeners . . . But IBOC gave the money-men the one thing they wanted most of all: It preserves the inferiority of the smaller broadcasters. In fact, amid a sea of IBOC hash from the big boys, it accentuates their inferiority. The end result of this shortsightedness will be bankruptcy for many stations, fewer and poorer choices for the listeners as conglomerates gobble up the remains.”

There’s much, much more in the post for those who are interested in finding out why HD radio is considered a scam by people like Greg Smith and myriad radio engineers, who have been fighting to be heard amongst the over-hyped hogwash of those moneyed interests whose bottom line depends on foisting this off on the American consumer — who have to this point been totally underwhelmed by all the spurious claims. This is a must-read for all the low-power FM advocates, opponents of corporate radio, and activist consumers.


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  1. I have 22 posts on my blog, which I am constantly updating. The “Monopoly” post has been around for a while, and I finally found some information about how HD Radio parallels the Nazi’s Volksempfänger “People’s Radio.” Both of which have/had the effect of wiping out competition. With the FM-HD power increase, expect more adjacent-channel stations to be jammed off the FM dial.

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