A Tree Falls…

Hilarious post on Jerry Del Colliano’s Inside Music Media today:

Okay, it wasn’t a promotion in Hartford but it really happened.

Here’s a reader account:

“It’s not just CC that is downgrading engineering.

“I bought a new HD clock radio for my wife because the CBS 50K AM in Hartford doesn’t come in well where I am due to poor ground conductivity and interference. They stream the AM signal on their FM HD2. Last week, my wife said the radio didn’t go on. I checked it and no audio. I checked everything, then tuned up to HD3 and it worked fine. HD1 also worked fine. Then I realized that there was simply no audio on HD2.

“Yesterday, about a week later, I checked again and still no audio. I called the station, was connected with someone in engineering, who first said he wasn’t the engineer for that station, but asked why I was calling. I told him, and he walked over and checked, and said “Oh Yeah, there isn’t any audio.” Last night when I checked, the signal was back on HD2.”

It’s one thing if listeners don’t notice HD radio. They never really took to it anyway but it’s amazing — no feed for a week and no one at the station noticed.


3 Responses

  1. My bad… feel better, now! A lesson to everyone — boycotting HD radios will accelerate iBiquity’s demise.

  2. Don’t think it was him, Greg, but a reader writing in. That’s the impression I got.

  3. Hopefully, Jerry bought a used HD radio off Ebay, or a fleamarket, bypassing any royalties iBiquity would receive – LOL! Very disappointing, as Jerry has always been a huge critic of HD Radio.

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