Huge Debacle, Redux

Funny exchange in the Google group, under the heading “The most harebrained ‘HD’ promotion yet?”:

Jack Hannold: Clear Channel-owned Inside Radio plans to give away five different model “HD” receivers over the next five weeks to its readers — almost all of whom presumably work in radio. Is this preaching to the choir? Or is it an attempt to get the stragglers (meaning the ones who have too smart to buy into this farce so far) in tune with Iniquity’s out-of-tune piano?

Bob Savage: Or maybe it’s time to clean out the CC prize closet. Giving away admittedly worthless HD radios beats hauling them out to the dumpster.


One Response

  1. One would think that radio industry folks would be the least likely to want one of these clunkers, because they know better than anyone that the system simply doesn’t work properly.

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