Yes, Virginia . . .

Here’s a novel thought. We reported on the tiff over the University of Virginia’s WTJU hiring of a new PD and making plans to change the format (“Fear and Loathing in Charlottesville,” here). It created quite a furor on campus, with all kinds of public outcry. Well, apparently it did some good. An article on reports that the university “held a public forum on Monday to discuss the future of its radio station, WTJU. University officials say they want to make changes to the station’s format, but they are hearing from community members before they take any action.”

What an interesting idea. Sorta makes you think that might have been a good idea at KUT or WUMB or ‘GBH — asking people what they thought rather than relying on the bean count and Arbitron tea leaves.

Of note also is a letter on the blogspot WTJU in Crisis (here) from Joe Gross, an Austin writer who’s appeared in such publications as Spin, Rolling Stone, and the Village Voice. And after that is a blow-by-blow of the town-hall meeting. All in all, it’s a situation well worth following — some Jeffersonian democracy at work, perhaps. Time will tell if the money changers prevail.


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