Dance With Who Brung Ya

This tidbit from Randall Bloomquist of the newstalkedge on, on PDs facing the Arbitron PPM for the first time. He quotes Rick Scott from RSA Sports International:

It’s really very simple: If the content isn’t good, the audience tunes out. Creating and delivering content that has value for the listener is the number one priority. It is understanding who your listener is and what they really want, not what you think they want.

Another critical element in programming in a PPM world is to not get trapped by conventional radio programming philosophy. You have to think out of the box. What initially may seem absurd actually makes sense when you work through it.

And from Brian Jennings, KXL Portland:

Live is best. Because PPM users sample more stations, your station needs to own its brand position…. Don’t waste a listener’s time. Get right to your content. Content is truly King in the PPM world. Listeners use radio as a utility. News-rich NT stations seem to thrive better than all talk — again a utility type function.

PPM is far from perfect. Arbitron must substantially increase PPM sample size to build credibility long-term.

Jay Bohannon of WPGB in Pittsburgh summarizes nicely in saying, “Make sure you are serving your core audience all of the time.” And from an earlier posting entitled “Last Minute Wisdom for PDs Taking the PPM Plunge,” Ken Charles of WIOD in Miami adds:

The biggest thing [to prepare for] is how inconsistent the numbers can be due to the small sample size. For holidays, the whole market gets dinged because of the low listening levels across the market. But when you may be talking about three or four meters listening to your morning show, and one meter takes a vacation, your week looks like s***.


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